Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dear Friends

Sometimes, for no logical reason at all, I feel lonely. Not a lonliness of isolation, but one of distance. As if every one you care about is standing in a circle around you with their faces outward. Heh. I know this isn't quite the case, but that's the best way to explain it. Lonliness is not a feeling I, as a scorpio especially, am accustomed to. Being alone can be quite satisfying (and I am terrific company to myself), but lonely? Bah.

Perhaps it is something to do with last night's dream. It took place in a school which seemed like a college/high school hybrid. It was one building like a high school, but the classrooms were huge with theatre style seating. Sandy was there, Jarly was there. John was there. Not the John some of you know, John from Germany. Our friendship was often strained by our parents who were also friends but were somehow convinced we would one day marry. Anyway, I think I spent more time in the dream with him than anybody else. I know we were younger because we were about the same height. He was dressed sort of punk-gothy . . . a style I've never seen him in and can barely imagine now that I'm awake. We talked, we laughed, we snuck into a class we had no business in. Then he was gone. There was someone else in the dream . . . he worked in the cafeteria and I'm surprised I don't remember because it was someone who had no business working in the cafeteria. Whoever he was he hooked me up with a pink-frosting cupcake. I don't remember if I've ever eaten in a dream before . . . . maybe I have. If I go to bed kind of hungry. *shrugs*

Heh, maybe between my cleaning out this craphole and my mom going through the POD boxes it's symbolically lifting away layers. Maybe it's just one of those things. Like when you start laughing even though nothing is particularly funny. Maybe it's just that some things never change . . . . . heh. Anyway. I'm gonna go finish up neopets so I can be done with the net before my dad comes home. Y'all take care. *hugs*

Heh. Would ya look at that. Some scientists are finally conceding that, gee, perhaps maybe life could exist in places we thought previously unlivable by adapting to those particular circumstances. Uh . . . duh? Just because we on Earth need water and oxygen doesn't mean those things are universally constant as necessary. Stupid scientists.

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