Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Sims 3

Through a completely unforeseeable series of not-so-random events I've found myself in the possession of the hardware needed to upgrade Franken-puter for Sims 3. (Thanks David! lol) Also, if you couldn't tell from my recent picture uploads (go look at 'em ya lazy bums!) I also have Sims 3. (Thanks David! ^_^) So, was it worthy of all my excitement? Or was it one big ol' disappointment? Keep yer pants on, I'm about to tell you.

First, let's start at the beginning. When I was made aware that Sims 3 was to be a really early birthday present I immediately went out and picked up the strategy guide. Try and get a handle on the new features. Between this and my online research I learned that time in the new Sims is not static. Stuff happens throughout the neighborhood while you're busy tending to your active sim. Hrm. Problematic when you share a computer, more so when there's only one neighborhood that comes with the game. So the first priority was trying to get our hands on that free 2nd neighborhood. Thankfully that stupid EA downloader that I could never get before (because it's 200+MB and dial-up just doesn't cut it) came with Sims 3! Right there on the disc! Hurrays! Actually, didn't even really need it because the game launcher is it's own downloader. Okay, so the 2nd neighborhood was 93MB. It took 10 1/2 hours to download. But download it did! Hurrays! *throws confetti*

Sims 3 is different from 2. Very different. It's still obviously Sims, but it feels . . . weird. But not in a bad way. There is no University, but any sim older than Teen can take classes to raise different skills. Food left in the fridge too long will go bad. If you want to go to the park next door you can walk there and there is no loading time. I think that's the most surprising thing. The whole game loads up quicker than 2 and there is no loading time going from place to place. That's pretty awesome.

Let me tell you about my practice Sim. Her name is Luna Liann. Her traits are Bookworm, Neat, Frugal, Mooch and Lucky. Her favorite color is green, favorite music is pop and favorite food is mac & cheese. She lives by herself in a little house. Her lifetime goal is to make $4000/week in royalties. She is working for the local newspaper as a Spell-checker checker. To get this position she had to learn how to write. She spent some time at the library and at her computer and finally gained enough skill to start penning her first novel. A trashy novel titled "Luna's Lost Love". (If the book is a good seller it will show up at the local bookstore and I wanted to remember years down the line that my sim wrote it) After gaining her current job position she also gained the ability to interview sims. It was also brought to her attention that in order to rise in the journalistic ranks she'd have to start turning in articles. Oh my! So much to do. And that's just for her career. She spent some time in the park on her day off and found some seeds laying on the ground. She took them home and planted them and now has a healty tomato plant, grape plant and apple tree. Nothing fancy, but she's not that skilled yet.

One day after work she heads to the spa. A much needed break from all of her hard work. After being pampered for 6 hours she notices one of her co-workers standing outside the house next door to the spa. She takes some time out for smoozeing and he allows her an interview. She's got one movie review under her belt so even though she hasn't finished writing her novel yet she starts writing up a nice complimentary story about her co-worker. Next day at work she gets two offers for writing work! One from the same sim she interviewed who wants her to pen his biography, and one from her boss to proof-read an article. Oh my! Right now she's paused in the middle of reading her bosses article (priorities). *phew*

One of the coolest features is the ability to customize just about anything. Also, you don't buy clothes. It's just not a feature. You go to the dresser and it's like an everlasting abyss of clothes. The customization allows for variations. The dress she's wearing now was initially a plain olive green affair. I took a pattern I liked (which was originally orange) and changed the color and voila! Very nice. Every piece of furniture can be any color/pattern you want. Take her bed. I could change the bedspread to a metallic pattern (as would be used on faucets and such) for an industrial motiff. Alternatively I could give her a fuzzy pink bathtub if I wanted. Another bit of awesomeness, the bookshelves actually have books. You take books out and each book is individual and the bookshelf empties. You put the books back and it fills up! Stores have sales and you can find coupons in the paper or on the internet (I dunno if it's specific to the frugal trait or not).

But it's not all wine and roses. There are some setbacks. While you can enter and move around in some buildings (like the library) some your sim just goes into and you're waiting outside for them to finish. This is fine if you have other sims to play with, but could get kind of confusing to have sims all over different parts of town. There are no seasons *whimpers* and it's kind of difficult to get relationship bars to go up. I miss the solar panels from Mansions & Gardens. No pets minus fish. Uh . . . . I guess that's kind of it. Obviously at this point in time there's way more to Sims 2 than Sims 3, especially if you're an expansion freak like myself. Sims 3 is pretty great, though. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do for the first expansion pack. ^_^

P.S. For those of you who got stuck in that first bit. Different David. lol

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