Thursday, July 16, 2009

Road Trippin' x3

Hey! Guess who came with us last night? ^_^ Finally got Sandypants to come along. Okay, last night I mapped out the trip on mapquest and we shortly found out that Mapquest is good . . . . not great. In fact, those first two points of interest are where mapquest let me down.

That first one I figured was going to be a pain because *ahem* Cove sucks. Luckily we did find the road there. Then things got interesting. P.O.A 2 is where I tried to shake things up a bit. Take a side road. Get off the highway for once. Mapquest said to turn left on Oak Springs Rd which would eventually lead into CR3220 and eventually 2313, where we would have the option of going South to Kempner or keep heading West to Lampasas. Well, there we are trucking up 1113 when all of a sudden I see the sign for Oak Springs Rd. I take a left at the next available road and end up . . . . I don't know where. It was kind of nice, though. It was a small road with nice houses off of it. Unfortunately it split at the end. I forget . . . . Cr27 or something? Not on my map, not in my direction. So we turned back around and jumped back on 1113.
Haha! Good ol' #3! Also to be known as creepy, twisty, deer-infested, redneck road. This road had so many twists and turns the on-board compass had a hard time keeping up! Every couple of seconds Aaron was shouting "DEER!" I knew he wasn't shouting "DEAR!" because I could actually see the deer, just . . . ya know, after he did. They had the posted speed limit between 60 and 70 and I was doing, like, 40 most of the way. lol Being as this is Texas I made it clear that if we ran across a person covered in blood on the side of the road that I was just going to keep on driving. We finally made our way (the back way) to Lampasas, vowing never to take that particular stretch of road in the middle of the night again. Mostly cuz of the deer. We don't want to hurt anybody.
So here we are on a back road in Lampasas. Some of the stuff looked familiar so I thought maybe we were on the road that my sister works on. Apparently we weren't, cuz you can't miss that place. It's, like, a factory where they make frozen burritos and stuff. Then we got back to the "BigAss Highway Intersection" where 3 highways intersect each other. Even doing well under the speed limit the trip was short. Much shorter than anticipated. So instead of heading straight back we re-took the 183-138-195 route. That seemed much shorter too, but I think it was partly because we knew what to expect. Before we were mostly hoping we didn't have to get all the way to Austin and head back from there. ^_^
It was fun. It only got down to 84 so we ended up using the a/c most of the way. It was still nice to get out, though. Kinda made me want a convertable. Open road, open air. That would be nice.

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