Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let's Randomly Update!

Hurray! Now it's like a party. ^_^ I've been . . . kinda occupied. I don't know if you'd call it busy, but occupied. A few days back I went over and helped Sandy clean out the old trailer. It was fun. ^_^ Yes, fun. Two army brats reminiscing about how glad we are that it's not government housing, scrubbing toilets and sweeping walls. What couldn't be fun about that? Besides, I had to get out of the house.

Around town I've been seeing this new car . . . well . . . . you can't really call it a "car". It's more like a bus! I totally want one! Lookie:

(picture was removed, sorry)

This one has a Mercades logo, but the one in the parking lot has a Dodge logo. *hrm* Here's the page I got that picture from:

Lookit all that stuff they can do to the insides! Beyond awesome.

I've been pretty occupied on neopets too. Got to the very end boss of NeoQuest 2 (it's an rpg) and he whipped my monkey ass! So now I'm levelling up and that's not so much fun so I'm just taking it a bit at a time. They also have a new game challenge and I'm trying so hard to beat AAA's score. It's not an insanely hard game, but his score is really freakin' high. And I have to beat that before they release a new game. Which could be any day. No warning. Kinda sucks. At the moment I'm about 1000 points away. Yeah, I'm playing and typing at the same time cuz I totally kick ass!

Ah, and Sims. Hehehe. My blue playboy has kind of consumed me. He's taken on a life of his own. (350pts away) Somehow a very decent portion of his chicks have been . . . chunky. There are some skinny sims running around, but he doesn't quite dig them as much. So far he's fathered one white child and three blue. Hehehe. One chick that he's flirting with (and trying really hard to impregnate) is married. I knew where she lives because my journalist sim lives two houses down, and early on in their relationship she wanted me to deliver hot dogs to her. Anyway, he had her over and she left to go home. He followed her. Something you can do is peek in someone's window. Well, that's when I found out her husband is a cop! He came out and tried shooing him away, but he had 9 Charisma and schmoozed the cop and even convinced the guy to let him inside! He and his wife went to sleep so I took the kid upstairs, swiped a chair and went home. . . . where he promptly put the chair in the mailbox to return it to get the "good karma" moodlet. I really like the wish and moodlet system. Wishes are like "wants" only you get to pick which ones they keep! So your sim is more personalitized the way you want 'em instead of just random stuff within a certain parameter.

AARRGGHH!! I beat AAA's score and there was "problem's processing your score". I knew that was going to happen. Anyway, beyond that just concentrating on change. I'm re-reading 'Duma Key'. I can't even think of a time when I re-read a fiction book. Which reminds me, gotta make sure when I'm doing dishes tomorrow I start taking over some of those boxes of romance novels. Clear out the trash! *ahem* I'm fine. ^_^ So, yeah, that's what I've been up to

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