Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kinda Disturbing....

Okay, I just had this dream . . . the way it started out it shoulda been a pretty cool dream but it ended up being really disturbing . . . and kinda harsh.

Okay, so it started out to where I was living here by myself with Onyx and Jet. Sandypants moved into the trailer across from me (by herself) and they were closer than they are now. Mine was being refurnished in a lot of parts. We decided to knock down the connecting fence and build a bridge between our two porches. That was pretty cool. At the first part of it she was off hanging out with some people at a waterpark picnic and I was at home doing my hair. (haha very funny, yeah I know) That afternoon we had a ton of people over for, like, a party. When people started showing up I was just trying to find this huge bag of beads that I had just seen so I could fancy up this one part of my hair that was much longer than the rest (think Yuna from Final Fantasy X) and I could not find it! She was helping this other girl finish getting ready (I didn't know her) so I finally gave up and decided to go schmooze. I had a hard time finding anyone who was standing still long enough to talk to. Until, of course, someone approached me. This guy Robert. I don't think anyone reading this will know him (I hung out with him for only a short while after meeting Mike) but it ended pretty badly between us. Now, apparently in the dream it was so bad that he wanted me to call his grandma (who I don't think I ever even met) and apologize to her and he even had the nerve to transfer his spirit into Jet to give me those sad puppy eyes and make me do it. Then I guess the puppy energy got him distracted cuz he went off to eat kibble. I got out of there. I ran into Mike (funny, right?) and said "Hey how's it going?" "S'okay . . . . you know I just want to forget that right?" "Yeah, I know" and . . . ya know, it hurt. Whatever. I was still tired but I'm not going to take that kind of emotional abuse from a dream so I woke up. Enrique and Deemer where there, but why bother? The way that dream was going that probably wouldn't have been worth staying asleep for either. Kind of a weird bit, though. Between the hair and the party I did run into Sandy on the porch bridge and she was showing me pictures of the waterpark picnic, like, actual developed photos, and I could see them just as clearly as everything else in the dream. Mostly people I didn't know sitting at picnic tables drinking those giant 6 Flags type drinks in the big fancy plastic cup things. I don't think I've ever looked at pictures like that before in a dream. There were girls there too, but I think they were mostly Sandy's other friends. Which is kind of fucked up. I had girl friends too. Brak and Jori and Ellie and Eva and Amber and Sabrina.

Whatever. I feel better now, at any rate. Maybe I'll go make myself an Eggo.

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