Saturday, July 11, 2009


Yes, I have declared war upon my own hair. I started off with some rough stuff and had my mom chop it short. Came out a little shorter than I expected, but don't tell my hair that. As far as it knows I did it that way on purpose. To teach it a lesson. Yeah. Cooperate or else! You're just hair! You'll grow back.

*ahem* Have I mentioned how much I love Aaron? He's so supportive and helpful when I go bananas. Certain other persons would have gone ballistic at the mere mention of blue hair (and visibly cringed the months I had it purple), but not Aaron. No siree. Granted he's not thrilled with the length, but it will grow back. So anyway, here's the rundown of my day. Because I love you guys. You can share in my joy and pain and this experience has been a mixture of both. And rest assured you won't have to look at that picture for too long. I am fully aware that that lipstick was a huge mistake. I'll be throwing it out next time I drag out my box-o-makeups.

First things first. Since I just bleached sections of my hair we picked up the lightest blonde dye we could find. One of Revlon's Ultra Blondes.

Hehehe. Yeah, he totally did that to my head. Kinda funny, eh? I let that sit in for about 50 minutes and then washed it out and let it dry.

I kinda like that picture. Anyway, I still had a bit of the dark blue leftover from the streaking party, we also picked up some turquiose. I wanted to do a strand test to see how the color showed up before going and doing my whole head.

The results were fairly conclusive:

So dark blue it is. We couldn't find our box of latex gloves so Aaron used his rubber REPO glove and a hair painting brush we picked up from Sally's. I left the color in for a little over an hour. It was all hard and crusty by the time I got into the shower, but at least it took this time!

And even only half dry you can definitely see the blue:

One day I will still do the turquiose, but I will have to bleach it for that. All in all I think I've been victorious over my unruly hair. It will learn better than to defy me! Muahahahahaha!!

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