Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independance Day!!

It's not very often that we get to head out and see the in-laws, but yesterday was one of those days! Y'all know we love Autumn and Frankie and the kids. It's always so fascinating going out there. It was slow going for us, at first, though. Between catching up on some sleep and trying to burn some movies for 'em, we didn't end up getting out there until around 7 or 8. Gave us some time to eat some barbeque before dark. Frankie made some potato salad which was the 2nd best I've ever had. It's his dad's recipe and supposedly the secret is to peel the potatoes and get everything mixed together while the spuds are still hot. Got a ton of pics (which I still have to fix) and some videos of the kids playing with sparklers. ^_^

Hehehe. Awesome. Here's a picture that came out really well. I caught Gavin being Potter-ish.

How cool does that look!? ^_^ Even the sparks are cooperating, being all symmetrical. After a bit of that we went in for brownies. *drools* MMMMmmm . . . . brownies. We took Elvis with us and he was a good boy.

Some good news for anybody who was curious, I got the Christmas Lights video to upload! *throws confetti* Check it out:

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