Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Short Trip

Everybody point and laugh at Sandy and tell her she sucks cuz she totally could've gone with us and didn't. Haha! Okay, enough of that. This one was fairly impromptu. Went out to gather up essentials and thought "Hey, why don't we go to the Walmart in Lampasas?" Well, because it's not 24 hours, that's why. We've been making our rounds visiting different Walmarts, Killeen, Cove, Heights, Belton and Temple. Lampasas could've been on that list (I've been there, but Aaron hasn't been to the new one yet) but, alas, we were too late. Anyways, before I get too deep into storytelling, here's the map of our trip:

We started out at home, naturally. Actually, we went to Walmart in Heights first and didn't find everything we were looking for and that partially spawned the road trip. Didn't feel like going directly to ours, so off we went. Initially we were going to head down 195 and see if we could find the plaza at which we will now be paying our rent (no more landlord visits! Huzzah!!), but . . . well . . . . we didn't. Went down Stan Schleuter instead and headed out to Lampasas. This was before we knew the Walmart was closed, mind you. We got to the Walmart, discovered it was closed and Aaron said "Well, we can keep going down 190 for a bit before turning back." The problem with 190 is that once you get to Lampasas, there's not much left of it. Unless you want to find yourself smack dab in the middle of West Texas and . . . well . . . nobody wants that. We got down to the visitor center (P.O.I #1) and turned back around. Going straight back down 190 would be pretty boring after just travelling it all the way out there.
So what's a person to do? Head South down 183 of course! I had been down that way once or twice for ma's appointments, but Aaron hadn't. Now he has. Huzzah! There's not a lot down this stretch of highway. Actually, about halfway down we could see the mass of light coming off of Austin. It is a nice, quiet stretch, though. Not much too it, but pure Texas land stretch. Totally different feel from this craphole. P.O.I #2 is a tiny little town called Briggs. There was a sign without a population count and as far as we could see. . . . a gas station. And nothing more. I'm sure there is, there was a perpendicular road passing the gas station, but no point exploring tiny towns in complete darkness. What's to see? How would we know?
We kept going and passed the turn-off leading to Florence. With no idea how much further it was until I-35 we turned around and took 138 heading back East. This little stretch was phenomenal!! OMG! Even though we couldn't see anything, something else we didn't see was any other car. P.O.I #3 there is where we hit a temperature low of 80 degrees. It felt so nice. Downright chilly. So nice. Shortly thereafter we hit 195 and headed back North to home. The air became warmer and more oppresive and for about 3.5 seconds we contemplated putting all the grocery money in the tank and just driving off into the night. We didn't. One day, though . . . we just might.

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