Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adventerous Eating Pt. 5

*trumpeting fanfare* Frog legs! *gasp!* Hehehe. For some reason I was exceptionally excited during the preparation of this adventure. Not sure why. Just something told me they were going to be good.

Here they are being thawed out. Had to make sure they were good and ready.

For the breading! A mix of plain and panko (from O~Mart) breadcrumbs with just a dash of Cajun spice.

Sexy, right? Little frog butts. lmao

All breaded up and ready for the oil! We did a double dip. Breaded 'em, then coated 'em in egg and breaded again. For those extra crispy legs.

No, they didn't jump in the pan.

We didn't have paper towels, but a cooling rack works just as well to let the extra oil drip off.

Doesn't that look yummy . . . . well, maybe a little weird since even fried you can still tell what they are. That is the big question, though, right? How do they taste? Surprisingly good. Aaron was really shocked at how much he liked 'em. For some reason I was expecting to like them. *shrugs* He's dubbed them Bog Frogs cuz of the Cajun spice. They're very interesting. You know how you get a chicken leg and they're all tendony and there are bits that stick to the bone? These didn't do that. Pulled right off the bone. Had a texture kind of like greasy chicken and tasted kind of like fish. Seriously, if you get the chance to, you should totally try 'em.

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