Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wanna Play Detective?

Okay, on one of the local news channels every now and then they'll have a quick segment about interesting websites. I just happened to catch a glimpse of one worth checking out.

It's a sort of RPG site where you make your own detective (yes, you can make a female) and solve murder mysteries gumshoe style! There are two sides to the site. One you need broadband, the other ( is dial-up friendly! So that's where I've been. For free you can solve 4 murders a day, 12 if you wanna pay for it. I just now unlocked the ability to do Intermediate level mysteries. Hehehehe. Your detective starts out with 20 skill points that you can use to buy skills and you earn skill points to help you solve cases better. I finally got enough sp to learn "bend the rules" which is great because on my last case I had to make kind of a lucky guess.

The downside is that there are some . . . . quirks to the cases. The suspects are pretty one dimensional, motives repeat themselves and clues are hard to come by. Even the person who hires you clams up after only a few questions.

One thing that has started adding interest is different factions around town. My 3rd case introduced me to the Arcanum Brotherhood, but by solving that case my popularity with two other factions went down. They went down more when I did a favor for the Arcanum Brotherhood. Each faction has a special skill to teach. The Brotherhood's skill (even though they can be found in a church) is pick-pocketing. Maybe a way to get more clues?

So, if you're bored, go check it out. ^_^ I'm off to find out who killed the Butcher's brother.

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