Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Coming Back!!!

Aaron found out online that starting mid-2010 Comedy Central is going to be showing all new episodes of Futurama!! Isn't that so exciting?! I love it! I hope it re-catches back on even half as well as Family Guy did. Hehehehe. 2 of my favorite cartoons brought back from the grave! Awesome. I'll let y'all know when they start airing so you can watch 'em. ^_^ The best part is that not only are they getting the original voice cast back (cuz, ya know, it's such hard work to sit in an air conditioned booth for 2 hours a day) they're getting back a good chunk of the script writers!! So it should be relatively the same old Futurama. Fantastic.

In other good news, yesterday Aaron and I decided to swing by our old Pawn Shop to check out their movies. Not as good a source as they used to be. A bunch of 'em are kinda over-priced. We did find 2, though. Dead Silence which was great and the Japanese original Premonition which I haven't watched yet. Also while we were there we picked up a ps2 for $50. While we were out that way we hopped across the street to IGA. Even when they're not doing their 5 for $20 they still have some really good meat prices. Something we'll be keeping in mind in the weeks to come.

Keep your eyes on the Herald. Aaron got interviewed while we were in HEB yesterday. The story will be about the 'Don't ask don't tell' policy. We also ran into Shed's old Brandy at Walmart. How wierd was it for me to be looking at movies and keep hearing my name in my ear? lol It was a very wierd day. We picked up a lotto ticket while we were at IGA. The machine wished us luck and we doubled our money. ^_^ Very wierd day.

So, the POD is supposed to be coming in today. I'll let y'all know how that goes tomorrow.

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