Friday, June 12, 2009

I Met A POD Person!

EEEEEeeee! Hehehe. Anyway. My mom's been doing VBS all week so of course it was up to me to coordinate the POD actually getting to the house. Early in the morning I went out with some neon posterboard and made some arrows pointing the way. Made things so much easier all around. The guy made it here around 2pm. Nearly the hottest part of the day. He couldn't stick it exactly where we wanted it because of this low-hanging cable wire. Instead it's sorta diagonal. I'll get a picture, I just forgot yesterday. Aaron was freaking out because of how big it is. He kinda has been so I've been thinking it was gonna be HUGE so my perspective is that it's not that big at all. lol Anyway, for those of you who don't know they use a truck about the size of a tow truck (also smaller than I was thinking) and there's this metal frame with wheels on the back. The guy took two big chains and threaded them under the POD and then the frame lifts it off the back of the truck and there's a joystick he uses to move the POD, then he gets in the truck and moves it out of the way and then he finishes moving the POD into place. It was all pretty fascinating. After getting the metal frame back onto the back of the truck, this crazy bastard then proceeds to back out of the driveway! O.o Mad skillz man, mad skillz. I couldn't even do that in the van.

So then, the moment of truth. First we have to remove the zip-tie-tag thingy and then the key-padlock and then . . . . . *trumpet flair* . . . . . opening of the POD! Again Aaron's freaking out because of how packed it is. I was expecting it to be more packed so it really doesn't seem like that much. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of stuff in there and I really dont' know where it's all going to go, but they could've fit more in there so it's not as bad. lol We pulled out some lawn decorations (*groans*), a couple chairs and some boxes and called it a day. There is something that I really have concerns about. It's . . . . well . . . . it's a cast iron stove (about 2^3 feet) that's an end table with a lamp attached. Hrm. We're going to price dollies.

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