Monday, June 22, 2009

Good Gawd Y'all!

*imitates robot voice* Unpacking of the P.O.D is now complete, return to the mothership. *static noise* Hehehehe. *ahem* Yes, no more complaining about how much heavy crap there is left to move! Huzzah! All of the heavy crap has been put in it's place, now there's just about a bazillion boxes still to sort through and place. We seriously could not have done it without my dad here this weekend. Well, we could have but that would require certain friends being friends, but that's a story for another time. No, Sandy, not you. I know you were (probably) busy moving your own heavy crap. Just for kicks, and to give y'all something to gawk at, here are some pics of all the boxes semi-tightly crammed onto the back porch!

This is the angle coming up the stairs. You can't see it, but the door would be further down to your left.

And this is from the yard. I know, right!? lmao

See those tilting boxes? They actually did fall over, but in the opposite direction. Last night we were moving the couches. We had such a hard time maneuvering the one couch through the kitchen door (including a leeeeetle hole in the wall) that we decided to bring the other couch around this way, heave it over the porch wall and cram it in through the back (front) door. Heavy? Yes. Akward? Yes. Easier in the long run? Hell yes. It took hours, but now they're done!

Now, my personal coup de gras. My vintage sewing machine!! I had never seen it so I really had no way to prepare myself for the awesomeness that was in store for me. All I knew was that my mom kept talking about a sewing machine my grandma had that was an old pedal-style machine that was converted to electric. I mean, that just sounds awesome, right? Especially when you start conjuring images of Carrie where she attacks her mom with it. I was so not disappointed. First, the push-pedal mechanism. Still functional so I could sew outside if I were so inclined:

And the actual machine part:

Tada!! I know, not a great picture. It was after dark before we got it into the shed and I kept forgetting the stupid camera. I'll definitely try to get a better one in daylight. I doubt I'll be able to do any fancy stitching with it, but since I can't fancy-stitch with an expensive brand new sewing machine . . . what difference does it make? I stitch a straight seam, I go back and do it again if I need a double stitch. This is perfect! lol

I have 3 boxes of books to get out to peoples (fair warning, they're on their way!) and my mom is taking a box full to PWOC for their "treasure swap" table. I love it when a plan comes together.

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