Monday, June 29, 2009

Cuz We're A Wanderer

On account of there being two of us. To combat cabin fever, and because it was getting pretty nice out last night, we took a short road trip. It was the middle of the night (read: very dark) and I didn't bring my camera, but fear not! I do have a picture for you to follow along with the story. I know, you love me.

Ta-da! Mad skillz. Firstly, ignore the parts where the blue travel-line leaves the highway. I'm totally not that bad of a driver. Just that bad of a tracer. If you can recognize the red MapQuest star on the top left corner of the triangle, that's our house. Where we started. We're travelling north down 440 and figure it might be nice to go for a little drive. So we turn right (East) at the end of the road and get on the highway!

I forgot to mark it (I keep coming up at a loss for colours that will really stand out and it sort of threw me) but for about 3/4 of an inch on the map before reaching the #1 there was constructing. They're repaving the highways and thankfull they're almost done with that whole stretch between Belton and Nolanville. Hurrays! This was extremely difficult to navigate, though. Between the blinding lights and cones blown over into our lane I had my work cut out for me. But we made it through. I was going to head towards the Expo Center and just curve my way back, but the exit was blocked, so we just followed the highway headed up towards Belton/Temple.

At the brown & yellow #1 there I decided to turn around and head towards Saledo. We went to Walmart in Temple last time we were out so now it's time to meander Southwards. About where the "L" is for Little River Academy Aaron thought it might be a good idea to stop somewhere and grab drinks. Just in case. That's where #2 comes in. Right on the outskirts of Saledo we found an open Exxon. Tiny. I tell ya, Saledo is cool as hell during the day . . . . . at night, in the dark, with everything closed and the streets empty. . . .. it's downright creepy! I loved it. I want to live in Saledo.

Back on our trip we go. Catching nice breezes when we pass water. A lot has changed in that stretch getting back towards 195. There are two huge rest areas on either side of the highway about halfway down. So many convenience stores and such are built up we were wondering if we passed our turn off! But, we didn't. I don't know how bad the turn-off is for coming back from Austin, but coming from Saledo (even though it's technically quicker to just go back to 190) is easy. I think they finally finished constructing the new bridge.

Now. #3. Fun. Barely five miles onto 195, before even reaching the first traffic light we come up on a deer crossing the road! It was close! Luckily I saw it and slowed down and it didn't stop crossing so disaster was averted. Scary stuff, though. The rest of the trip was uneventful. We got back to Killeen then jumped to HEB in Heights to pick up dinner and went back home. I feel bad about using the gas (Oh the money! Oh the environment!!) but it was nice to get out.

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