Monday, June 29, 2009

Cuz We're A Wanderer

On account of there being two of us. To combat cabin fever, and because it was getting pretty nice out last night, we took a short road trip. It was the middle of the night (read: very dark) and I didn't bring my camera, but fear not! I do have a picture for you to follow along with the story. I know, you love me.

Ta-da! Mad skillz. Firstly, ignore the parts where the blue travel-line leaves the highway. I'm totally not that bad of a driver. Just that bad of a tracer. If you can recognize the red MapQuest star on the top left corner of the triangle, that's our house. Where we started. We're travelling north down 440 and figure it might be nice to go for a little drive. So we turn right (East) at the end of the road and get on the highway!

I forgot to mark it (I keep coming up at a loss for colours that will really stand out and it sort of threw me) but for about 3/4 of an inch on the map before reaching the #1 there was constructing. They're repaving the highways and thankfull they're almost done with that whole stretch between Belton and Nolanville. Hurrays! This was extremely difficult to navigate, though. Between the blinding lights and cones blown over into our lane I had my work cut out for me. But we made it through. I was going to head towards the Expo Center and just curve my way back, but the exit was blocked, so we just followed the highway headed up towards Belton/Temple.

At the brown & yellow #1 there I decided to turn around and head towards Saledo. We went to Walmart in Temple last time we were out so now it's time to meander Southwards. About where the "L" is for Little River Academy Aaron thought it might be a good idea to stop somewhere and grab drinks. Just in case. That's where #2 comes in. Right on the outskirts of Saledo we found an open Exxon. Tiny. I tell ya, Saledo is cool as hell during the day . . . . . at night, in the dark, with everything closed and the streets empty. . . .. it's downright creepy! I loved it. I want to live in Saledo.

Back on our trip we go. Catching nice breezes when we pass water. A lot has changed in that stretch getting back towards 195. There are two huge rest areas on either side of the highway about halfway down. So many convenience stores and such are built up we were wondering if we passed our turn off! But, we didn't. I don't know how bad the turn-off is for coming back from Austin, but coming from Saledo (even though it's technically quicker to just go back to 190) is easy. I think they finally finished constructing the new bridge.

Now. #3. Fun. Barely five miles onto 195, before even reaching the first traffic light we come up on a deer crossing the road! It was close! Luckily I saw it and slowed down and it didn't stop crossing so disaster was averted. Scary stuff, though. The rest of the trip was uneventful. We got back to Killeen then jumped to HEB in Heights to pick up dinner and went back home. I feel bad about using the gas (Oh the money! Oh the environment!!) but it was nice to get out.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Could It Be Over?

The POD has finally returned to the mothership. I'm assuming it was an easy process. After the call from my mom saying "They'll be here in 15 minutes to pick it up" I heard nothing. Well, I heard her telling the driver how to get here then I heard nothing for a few more hours while I caught up on some sleep. It's been such a long week. So hot.

Uh. I guess that's it. lol Enjoy the hotness of summer.

Fancy Christmas Lights

The blue and green are kind of hard to see, even in person, but hopefully you can get the idea from the other ones. They bubble! So cool.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Good Gawd Y'all!

*imitates robot voice* Unpacking of the P.O.D is now complete, return to the mothership. *static noise* Hehehehe. *ahem* Yes, no more complaining about how much heavy crap there is left to move! Huzzah! All of the heavy crap has been put in it's place, now there's just about a bazillion boxes still to sort through and place. We seriously could not have done it without my dad here this weekend. Well, we could have but that would require certain friends being friends, but that's a story for another time. No, Sandy, not you. I know you were (probably) busy moving your own heavy crap. Just for kicks, and to give y'all something to gawk at, here are some pics of all the boxes semi-tightly crammed onto the back porch!

This is the angle coming up the stairs. You can't see it, but the door would be further down to your left.

And this is from the yard. I know, right!? lmao

See those tilting boxes? They actually did fall over, but in the opposite direction. Last night we were moving the couches. We had such a hard time maneuvering the one couch through the kitchen door (including a leeeeetle hole in the wall) that we decided to bring the other couch around this way, heave it over the porch wall and cram it in through the back (front) door. Heavy? Yes. Akward? Yes. Easier in the long run? Hell yes. It took hours, but now they're done!

Now, my personal coup de gras. My vintage sewing machine!! I had never seen it so I really had no way to prepare myself for the awesomeness that was in store for me. All I knew was that my mom kept talking about a sewing machine my grandma had that was an old pedal-style machine that was converted to electric. I mean, that just sounds awesome, right? Especially when you start conjuring images of Carrie where she attacks her mom with it. I was so not disappointed. First, the push-pedal mechanism. Still functional so I could sew outside if I were so inclined:

And the actual machine part:

Tada!! I know, not a great picture. It was after dark before we got it into the shed and I kept forgetting the stupid camera. I'll definitely try to get a better one in daylight. I doubt I'll be able to do any fancy stitching with it, but since I can't fancy-stitch with an expensive brand new sewing machine . . . what difference does it make? I stitch a straight seam, I go back and do it again if I need a double stitch. This is perfect! lol

I have 3 boxes of books to get out to peoples (fair warning, they're on their way!) and my mom is taking a box full to PWOC for their "treasure swap" table. I love it when a plan comes together.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jupiter Retrograde (Thanks Mag!)

Jupiter the planet of luck, grace, favor and fortune turned retrograde on June 15. Jupiter brings wealth, abundance, and optimism. Our successes, accomplishments and prosperity are all within the realm of the grace this large planet bestows upon us.

However, when Jupiter turns retrograde, our forward momentum is reversed. This period is not a good time to start new ventures, make financial investments or even change jobs for that matter. Rather, it is a time to finish projects, an excellent time to pay attention to relationships, as well as a time to gain a better perspective on life and our inner self.

The major emphasis of a Jupiter retrograde period is on inner awareness and inner growth. It is an excellent time to get in touch with personal integrity. When Jupiter is retrograde, you should evaluate how you are not being honest with yourself because you are playing a role that is disloyal to your true self. When opportunities arise while Jupiter is retrograde, they are the result of seeds planted in the past from people met or connections made in the past.

Jupiter goes direct again on October 13th.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Woe Is Me

Hurray! Pictures. lol Yes, I finally remembered to take the camera with me before the day's unloading. Firstly, let me share with you exactly how far away the POD is from the house.

Fantastic. We were hoping to have it at about where the van is. Stupid low hanging cables. At least we've been able to make some progress. We want to get as much done before my dad comes in as we humanly possibly can. The problem we're running into is that apparently my uncle is smoking the crack. See, there's stuff in there that was supposed be be yard saled. I know he can't expect us to do it. Who would know we were having one?! Also, I can understand not thinking "Gee, by the time this stuff gets there it's gonna be 100 degrees during the day". I mean, who would think of that? But at what point during the packing process does "Let's send a sled to Texas" sound like a good idea? Is it supposed to be some kind of joke? If it is, I surely don't get it. If I had known we were going to get so much stuff that we don't want or need I'd have insisted that one of us be up there with a freakin' dumpster or something to intercept him. Anyway, here's the progress made so far:

and without that giant cargo thingy in the way:

We're running out of room in the shed (and I've already had one landslide in there) so soon we're going to have to stack stuff on the pack porch and hope that doesn't cave in. *sigh* And since my crackheaded uncle didn't empty the kerosene lamps before packing them in with video tapes *headdesk* now my mom is insisting on going through every box. Well, I can assure you that's not gonna happen. Especially since I'm now up to 10 boxes of romance novels. 10!! They were supposed to be yard saled damnit!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

I Met A POD Person!

EEEEEeeee! Hehehe. Anyway. My mom's been doing VBS all week so of course it was up to me to coordinate the POD actually getting to the house. Early in the morning I went out with some neon posterboard and made some arrows pointing the way. Made things so much easier all around. The guy made it here around 2pm. Nearly the hottest part of the day. He couldn't stick it exactly where we wanted it because of this low-hanging cable wire. Instead it's sorta diagonal. I'll get a picture, I just forgot yesterday. Aaron was freaking out because of how big it is. He kinda has been so I've been thinking it was gonna be HUGE so my perspective is that it's not that big at all. lol Anyway, for those of you who don't know they use a truck about the size of a tow truck (also smaller than I was thinking) and there's this metal frame with wheels on the back. The guy took two big chains and threaded them under the POD and then the frame lifts it off the back of the truck and there's a joystick he uses to move the POD, then he gets in the truck and moves it out of the way and then he finishes moving the POD into place. It was all pretty fascinating. After getting the metal frame back onto the back of the truck, this crazy bastard then proceeds to back out of the driveway! O.o Mad skillz man, mad skillz. I couldn't even do that in the van.

So then, the moment of truth. First we have to remove the zip-tie-tag thingy and then the key-padlock and then . . . . . *trumpet flair* . . . . . opening of the POD! Again Aaron's freaking out because of how packed it is. I was expecting it to be more packed so it really doesn't seem like that much. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of stuff in there and I really dont' know where it's all going to go, but they could've fit more in there so it's not as bad. lol We pulled out some lawn decorations (*groans*), a couple chairs and some boxes and called it a day. There is something that I really have concerns about. It's . . . . well . . . . it's a cast iron stove (about 2^3 feet) that's an end table with a lamp attached. Hrm. We're going to price dollies.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Coming Back!!!

Aaron found out online that starting mid-2010 Comedy Central is going to be showing all new episodes of Futurama!! Isn't that so exciting?! I love it! I hope it re-catches back on even half as well as Family Guy did. Hehehehe. 2 of my favorite cartoons brought back from the grave! Awesome. I'll let y'all know when they start airing so you can watch 'em. ^_^ The best part is that not only are they getting the original voice cast back (cuz, ya know, it's such hard work to sit in an air conditioned booth for 2 hours a day) they're getting back a good chunk of the script writers!! So it should be relatively the same old Futurama. Fantastic.

In other good news, yesterday Aaron and I decided to swing by our old Pawn Shop to check out their movies. Not as good a source as they used to be. A bunch of 'em are kinda over-priced. We did find 2, though. Dead Silence which was great and the Japanese original Premonition which I haven't watched yet. Also while we were there we picked up a ps2 for $50. While we were out that way we hopped across the street to IGA. Even when they're not doing their 5 for $20 they still have some really good meat prices. Something we'll be keeping in mind in the weeks to come.

Keep your eyes on the Herald. Aaron got interviewed while we were in HEB yesterday. The story will be about the 'Don't ask don't tell' policy. We also ran into Shed's old Brandy at Walmart. How wierd was it for me to be looking at movies and keep hearing my name in my ear? lol It was a very wierd day. We picked up a lotto ticket while we were at IGA. The machine wished us luck and we doubled our money. ^_^ Very wierd day.

So, the POD is supposed to be coming in today. I'll let y'all know how that goes tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wanna Play Detective?

Okay, on one of the local news channels every now and then they'll have a quick segment about interesting websites. I just happened to catch a glimpse of one worth checking out.

It's a sort of RPG site where you make your own detective (yes, you can make a female) and solve murder mysteries gumshoe style! There are two sides to the site. One you need broadband, the other ( is dial-up friendly! So that's where I've been. For free you can solve 4 murders a day, 12 if you wanna pay for it. I just now unlocked the ability to do Intermediate level mysteries. Hehehehe. Your detective starts out with 20 skill points that you can use to buy skills and you earn skill points to help you solve cases better. I finally got enough sp to learn "bend the rules" which is great because on my last case I had to make kind of a lucky guess.

The downside is that there are some . . . . quirks to the cases. The suspects are pretty one dimensional, motives repeat themselves and clues are hard to come by. Even the person who hires you clams up after only a few questions.

One thing that has started adding interest is different factions around town. My 3rd case introduced me to the Arcanum Brotherhood, but by solving that case my popularity with two other factions went down. They went down more when I did a favor for the Arcanum Brotherhood. Each faction has a special skill to teach. The Brotherhood's skill (even though they can be found in a church) is pick-pocketing. Maybe a way to get more clues?

So, if you're bored, go check it out. ^_^ I'm off to find out who killed the Butcher's brother.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This is something Fin and I have been discussing for a couple of days and it's really starting to peak my interest. When we go out I'm going to start doing some research for the materials to make it. I know what you're thinking. "WTF is it?!" Hehehe. Okay, fine. I'll satisfy your curiosity.

In the 1930's and 1940's, Dr. Wilhelm Reich was able to detect and measure the existence of etheric energy (life energy, chi, etc.), which he called orgone, using a modified geiger counter.

Dr. Reich determined that stacking alternating layers of fiberglass (an organic substance) and steel wool (an inorganic substance) would actually attract and collect orgone/etheric energy of both the life-beneficial positive form (which Reich called "OR" or "POR") and harmful negative etheric energy ("deadly orgone" or "DOR").

Orgone Accumulator Diagram He constructed large boxes called orgone accumulators or "oracs" using this simple layering principle and was able to successfully heal his patients of various ailments, including various forms of cancer, by having them sit inside the box for periods of time.

In 1986, scientists at the University of Marburg, Germany published the results of a blind study1 which showed that 30-minute orgone accumulator treatments caused consistent, positive psycho-physiological effects not seen with the all-fiberglass box used for a control, stating "the results received in our investigation furnish evidence for the assumption that the physical properties of the orgone accumulator and its psychophysiological efficacy on human organisms, postulated by Reich and his associates, factually exist."

Reich's work was continued in earnest in the 1960's by more open-minded Russian scientists such as Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev (1908-1983), who also scientifically proved that such unseen energies indeed exist all around us, and who's Reich-inspired work led to the unfortunate development of practical Soviet military defense applications which utilized principles of so-called "torsion fields" (e.g., etheric energy). Kozyrev's work, which indeed confirms both Reich's research and our empirical experiences with orgonite, was classified until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Following in their footsteps, thousands of Ph.D.-level researchers from both sides of the Iron Curtain spanning multiple generations have continued Kozyrev and Reich's pioneering work, slowly forcing mainstream Western science to finally, "officially recognize" the concept of a universal, unseen energy medium they call "dark matter," "vacuum flux" or "zero-point energy," depending on who you ask. It is commonly understood among orgonite enthusiasts that these are all essentially describing the same thing, which Reich called "orgone".


Basically it's alternating layers of resin and metal that diffuse and neutralize different negative energies. Best of all, it's easy to make. He's going to make some talisman sized pieces. I like the idea of using a muffin tin as a mould, although I wouldn't mind having one small enough to carry with me. If you're wondering how to make it then just check out that site and click the link on the left for "How to Make Orgonite".

Also, check this out:

I'm not saying one is exclusively the reason for the other, but who knows? It's pretty fascinating stuff when you start getting into it.

Monday, June 8, 2009


It feels like it's been so long since I've blogged. *sniffles* lol I haven't been this busy . . . . for a very long time. We've been busting ass getting the house cleaned up for the POD. It was supposed to have gotten here on the 4th but there was some kind of mix-up and it won't be getting here 'til the 11th. This would have been very bad because they'd be picking it up a day before my dad gets home so we'd have to do all the furniture haulin' by ourselves, but then my Uncle called and got us an extra 4 days no-charge. *phew* I still don't know how big it's going to be or where they're gonna have to park it.

On top of all that now my mom has decided to volunteer for VBS which means it's going to be up to me getting the actual POD stuff squared away. I don't know why she does this. Anything to be more difficult.

More personally, Altador Cup IV (on neopets) is now almost a week underway. ^_^ I'm on team Kiko Lake. Not a strong team overall, but I like the colors. lol I thought I did okay last year but apparently I only made it to Rank 1. O.o So far this year I'm at Rank 3. Hopefully Rank 4 by the end of the day.

So the landlord came by and decided to re-do the driveway. Of course he coudn't give us asphalt or concrete. Oh noes! That would be just too super. We got rocks. Lots and lots of rocks. And we won't know 'til it rains if the rocks will hold. Probably not.

So that's about it. *waves*

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sharing Space (Thanks Brak!)

Daily Om, June 2, 2009
Sharing Space and Energy
Cohabitating with Others
Our homes are our havens. These places where we come to rest, recharge, and dream in safety and comfort allow us to better face the challenges of the world outside our doors. When sharing a living space with others, an awareness of the thoughts and feelings of everyone involved is essential in creating the peace we all desire. Regardless of where we lived before, each time we cohabitate with others it is important that we make the effort to share the space in a way that supports everyone.

We need to remember that in a shared space, everything we sense can also be sensed by another person. Peace will not likely be the result when the senses are filled with the sight of unwashed plates, intrusive sounds, unpleasant smells, the feel of a foreign substance beneath bare feet, or the taste of food tainted by an uncovered onion in the fridge. But if we communicate and listen with respect to those with whom we share a space, we may find that one enjoys washing dishes to end the day, while the other can take out the garbage during their evening walk. Working with another’s schedule, you can still meditate or exercise to your favorite music while the other is out, and save reading for the times when they are trying to sleep. Being thoughtful of the energy that is required for something to be cleaned up may make everyone aware of being neater, whether that means taking off your shoes at the entrance or wiping up juice spilled on the kitchen floor.

In the same way, pent up resentment toward your living partners is just as easily felt. Keeping the energy clear requires the effort of communication, the awareness of another’s feelings, and courtesy toward the space you share. While that sometimes requires changing your schedule or habits, there are many times when having a caring someone nearby is worth all the effort. Living with others can help us learn to mingle our energies at home as well as at work and in the world at large in a way that benefits us and everyone around us