Monday, May 4, 2009

Upcoming Astrological Events

I stole this from Magdelena (love you!) because with everything that I know everyone is going through this month I thought that this could be some very helpful information to have handy. For you non-believers, I'll have something different for you tomorrow.

May's major astrological events are a mix of small things and big things that can make it a challenge to maintain a proper sense of proportion throughout the month. Mercury, the speedy little messenger planet, turns retrograde in its airy home sign of Gemini on May 7 and will be in reverse gear until May 30. This every four-month backward shift often complicates conversations, blurs details and messes with technology. It's helpful to slow down when sharing important information to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Maintenance of equipment is another way to forestall difficulties and use this period effectively. We often reconnect with people from the past, as well.

Mercury returns to earthy Taurus on May 13, which has the positive effect of putting our feet on the ground. Breaking down complex issues into smaller pieces is a constructive way to apply this sign's practical nature. However, the Bull can also be stubborn, so avoid forcing someone into a corner where all they can do is resist or fight back. And take notice when you seem to be stuck with a point of view that leaves you in an inflexible position. Being certain doesn't necessarily mean that you're right, and even if you are, what good does it do when it isolates you from others?

At the other end of the spectrum (and the month) there is the first of three conjunctions between planetary giants Jupiter and Neptune on May 27. Don't count on precision with this expansive pair as the effect of their union -- returning on July 10 and December 21 -- can spread out over a couple of weeks. Their conjunction in idealistic and innovative Aquarius is like an astrological magical mystery tour, the opening of mind and spirit to dimensions far beyond the boundaries of ordinary life. The upside is an enormous wave of faith, hope and inspiration. For dreamers, seekers, the lost and the lonely, it's a spiritual bonanza of visions of a better world. Jupiterian generosity and Neptunian compassion can lighten our loads and give us glimpses of a brighter tomorrow. Compassion, cooperation and community are among their many gifts. The only downside is when hucksters and fakers write the scripts that lead us down lanes of illusion. Beware of get-rich-quick schemes and romantic tales full of promise but devoid of substance. It is healthy to stretch your mind and open your heart to soak in the splendor of a grander vision of reality, as long as it's rooted in your experience rather than someone else's sales pitch.

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