Friday, May 1, 2009


Hehehehe. Even though we got a late start with the grocery shopping today, we had to make an out of the way turn anyway. Got into the van and the gas gauge is literally in the very bottom line. Like, below the orange warning section. So instead of going straight to walmart after hitting the atm we had to double-back to Mickies. Decided to swing by the mall before we went shopping. Checking out the game stores on the off chance they happen to have a copy of Family Fun Stuff. Nobody did. We did find a movie. Eye 2 There's a chance it's the 2nd of the original Japanese version of The Eye . . . there's a chance it's something completely different. I'll be popping it in when I get offline to find out for sure. While we were meandering through the mall we swung by Tilt for an impromptu game of Skeeball. Aaron did better than me, but even so for our dollar we only got 34 ticket. Enough for me to get a lollipop.

Hehehehe. It's a Chupa Chups pop . . . not sure what flavor. Looks like S'more ice-cream? Maybe? After that it was a bunch of same ol' same ol'. Skeeball was fun, though. Oh, and the landlord is once again planning on filling the mudholes with rocks. Cuz, ya know, it's worked so well so far.

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