Monday, May 11, 2009

NJ House (pic heavy)

Firstly, Sandy's the new plague monkey. She was so sick she couldn't even go with us to Brak's last night to sort of see her off! It was great, though. Tacos for dinner, eclairs for dessert (we ate all the ones we brought home, sorry!) and wonderful conversation. I feel bad about missing the movers, but we did make it out there! I had all but forgotten how nice it really is out there. Just hanging out in the country at night, talking and laughing. *sigh* There was more than one reason I didn't want to leave.

I've been working on a Sims project for a couple of days. It ended up being harder than I thought it would because I really ended up wanting to get it as perfect as I could. It's a little off, but really really close. The landscaping is WAY off, but that's because their house was in a giant hole. Also, as you'll see in the second picture, some of the elements aren't where they should be, partly the game's fault, partly mine because of where I started the house. A little background. This is where my maternal grandparents lived. I believe my grandma's dad built it. It was small, but in a cozy way. When we'd visit my sisters and I would sleep on the porch. Not for lack of room upstairs, but because my grandma kept it 60 degrees inside. This house, unfortunately, is no longer standing. Stupid richy Franklin Lakes fuckers.

Firstly, the outside of the house, the actual building is near identical. The bottom gray part is an addition, my grandpa's work area, and the porch above it was added and expanded to what it finally was. Behind it is actually a cellar, but that's a terrain mod I can't imagine pulling off. To the left is where JoJo and Cinder are buried.

This next one shows where the street, sheds and lake should be.

There were two shed. The bluish one was old and housed mostly fishing stuff. The bigger one was new(ish) and had a deep freezer and some random clutter.

Next is the cellar and workshop area. Notice how there's no door on the between wall? Cuz that was the cellar. Solid concrete. We hardly went into the workshop area. It was mostly yard tools. The cellar had another deep freezer and canned goods and more random clutter. The stairs were not near as sturdy as these Sim stairs. Also, they didn't have flamingoes, they had those birds with the flappy wings and also reflecters so people driving around that path didn't back into a bush.

Here's a shot of the living room.

And an above view of the "main" floor. The only bathroom and the kitchen. The empty partitioned area had the washer and dryer. Outside the kitchen window you would have actually seen mostly hillside (it was a hole) and the stairs going up the hill to the non-4-wheel-drive parking area.

And finally, the bedrooms. My grandparents had the big room (and the furniture was actually reversed, but Sims don't squish to get where they need to be), and my mom and Uncle (and later my Aunt and Uncle) shared the small room. There's supposed to be a closet, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to work. :-p

So, that's it. The former residence situated at 732 Colonial Rd. in Franklin Lakes, NJ. I sent copies of the pictures to my mom to find out what she thinks. *sigh* So many memories. I wish I could do my Great (great) Uncle's house, but we never went upstairs so it would only be a guess. And we didn't spend enough time at my Great Grandma's house for me to even begin doing that one justice. So count your lucky stars I might not be sharing a project this big again. lol

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