Friday, May 15, 2009

New Webcam!

Uh . . . I guess that about explains it all. lol We went to Walmart in the middle of the night last night and Aaron decided to pick up a webcam. :-D It's not super great, but it's far less grainy than our previous one. I just uploaded a sampler pic (I'm sick, cut me some slack) and moved it next to the old one so you can see the difference. Big difference. lol Not only that, it has awesome filters. We're still working on getting those to work while actually webcaming, but I got them to work for picture taking.

That's neon. We've got old-timey film, falling sand, comic book (not as good as photobucket's) . . . uh . . . a few. So expect some pictures. And maybe some short videos. hehehehe One of the effects we have is "ghost" and it looks pretty awesome as video, but not so much as still shots. Yet. It also came with two "bonus" discs. HP Photosmart Essential and Collage Creator. I'll be messing with those as soon as I'm done online.

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