Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm Sad . . .

I just had an incident in my online Wicca group which is very troubling to me. We had a member, who is a Christian Wiccan (yes, there are a great many of them running around) who left. The stated reason being the hatred and bigotry shown towards Christians by the Pagan/Wiccan community. At first we thought it must be some mistake. Surely no one in OWR was behaving this way! We're about tolerance and learning to understand people from all different paths. Further investigation by another moderator discovered that, indeed, OWR was not to blame, but many of this person's other pagan groups.

I do understand where this person is coming from. There is much animosity on both sides of the fence; but not everyone is like that. I can understand frustration and wanting to associate with like-minded individuals. I do. It's sad to me that there is a huge problem within the entire spiritual/religious spectrum of disassociation. Micro-classification. Without coming together we can never understand where anybody is coming from and that is why there is so much fear and hatred. This is a huge problem. Judging a group of people based soley on their spiritual path is the same thing as racism and it's not okay!

I get so angry at this missed opportunity. The throwing out the good with the bad. It is up to those of us who can recognize the problem to build the bridges. I, for one, have the same love and respect for my Christian friends as my Pagan friends. We can agree to disagree and communicate like civilized human beings. If I ever do come across an instance of "Christian-bashing" I step up and say "Hey. I have some good friends who are Christian. They're not all closed-minded hate-mongers. You just have to get to know them as people first." And I hope that I have been a good enough example that they feel comfortable offering me that same respect. That they can stand up and say "No, they don't worship the devil and live in some anti-social fantasy world." If we can each do this then we can combat the problem! Build those bridges.

It's like recycling. It may not seem like one person can make a difference, but if one person can convince just one other person, then that's two people! Even if global change never comes, wouldn't you rather know in your heart that you did the right thing? The courageous thing?

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