Sunday, May 3, 2009


So, I watched it and it was exactly what I thought it was. ^_^ Stupid Game Stop. Don't know when they've got gold sitting right there on the shelf. Same with Audition, got that for $2 at Game Stop. And to clarify, it's Cantonese not Japanese. My bad. It was really good. This girl tries to kill herself, fails, finds out she's pregnant and because of these two factors she can see the spirits. Mostly spirits that are waiting to be reborn. There's a lot of understory and creepy-ness, but you're going to have to watch it for yourself. There were at least two scenes that were taken from actual famous Chinese ghost stories. One is this guy walks out of a library and sees a girl walking ahead of him. His interest is piqued so he speeds up to see if her front is as hot as her back. He gets by her, looks over and her front is the same as her back! *eerie music* Another one is of a bus stop in Hong Kong where you will hear the voice of a woman ask what time it is and if you answer then she pops right up in front of your face! *muahahahaha* Awesome. Another bonus was the previews. I don't generally watch 'em, but this one had a preview of a Cantonese movie called "Infection". I wanna get it. lol It looks seriously disturbing. Also, the origional 'Premonition' (Sandra Bullock did the American version which was okay) looked pretty wicked too. What else? I thought there was another but I forget. Apparently there's an Asian version of "Shutter" but that one took place in . . . Japan and the two main characters were the only Americans so I don't know how different it would be.

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