Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I dunno. lol I'm not as good at coming up with subject lines as Brak is. Yesterday morning at 2am we got calls from Sandy and Shed about hanging out and trying to get beer. It's been a while (okay not that long since Arbor Day, but cumulatively) since we've gone out to hang out with people so we went. It's fun to get out and just hang out with people. Especially cool people. ^_^ And it worked out well because the subject came up of a floating concert ticket. So Aaron got to go to the Korn concert. I get anxious in crowds so from what Aaron told me about it I would have been miserable going. I'm glad he enjoyed himself, though. And I got to spend all day on the computer. I was going to try and get some cleaning done, but between neopets and checking up on bills it just didn't work out that way.

I've been working out some. Not a lot. Just working on my legs so I don't hurt myself when the POD gets here. I'm starting to enjoy the burn. Hehehe. It will be nice to finally get some decent cardio worked in too. I've also been reading through Zodiaction, a workout book catagorized by zodiac sign. Perhaps once there's a little more privacy around here I'll work on the scorpio routine. It is amazing . . . . I think so anyway. lol It combines strength, stretch and cardio in a series of 10 50-second intensity bursts with a 2 minute cool down. All done in 10 minutes! The trick is to really get into it. My other problem is going to be finding a place where I can jump without busting through the floor.

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