Tuesday, May 26, 2009

AAAaaaahhh!!! Sims 3!!

We finally caught a commercial for Sims 3. I'm still doubtful our computer could handle it, but boy does it look tempting.

I know, it's been a while. Been super busy trying to get things situated around here. It's such hard work! :-( But now the shed's almost 1/2 done and the back porch is almost 1/2 done. If it would stop raining enough for the driveway to dry up we could take some of the bulky crap up to the curb. That would clear out all kinds of space.

I can't remember if I mentioned watching Infection. It was pretty awesome. Kinda freaky and a little confusing but in a good way. We also got 'House Bunny'. If you haven't seen it, you totally gotta. I laughed so hard I cried.

And that's about it. Sorry guys.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Need A Subject Line Generator....

Firstly, Anatomy came in today. Hurrays!! After seeing it, I wouldn't call it a "horror" movie especially. Suspensful, yeah, but not horrific. There were a couple of parts that made me go "ohmigawd!" and it was good, but I'm expecting Infection will be far creepier. I did especially like the German countryside in the background and getting to listen to them speak. It was almost like being home again. *sigh*

I think I'm finally starting to get better. Aaron seemed like he was getting worse last night so hopefully he'll be in better shape when he wakes up.

Now that my mom's back and expecting time on the internet, I've had more opportunity to play some sims. A long time ago I created a sort of smarmy-slick photographer guy and that non-plantsim was to be his model. I finally got them both graduated from college and finally got him a job as an artist. I sorta thought that having a sim model would be fun, but it really is! lol Especially with some of the wallpapers that Aaron downloaded. I'll get them uploaded to my 'Random Sim Encounters' folder just as soon as I post this.

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Webcam!

Uh . . . I guess that about explains it all. lol We went to Walmart in the middle of the night last night and Aaron decided to pick up a webcam. :-D It's not super great, but it's far less grainy than our previous one. I just uploaded a sampler pic (I'm sick, cut me some slack) and moved it next to the old one so you can see the difference. Big difference. lol Not only that, it has awesome filters. We're still working on getting those to work while actually webcaming, but I got them to work for picture taking.

That's neon. We've got old-timey film, falling sand, comic book (not as good as photobucket's) . . . uh . . . a few. So expect some pictures. And maybe some short videos. hehehehe One of the effects we have is "ghost" and it looks pretty awesome as video, but not so much as still shots. Yet. It also came with two "bonus" discs. HP Photosmart Essential and Collage Creator. I'll be messing with those as soon as I'm done online.

Pulse Tribute

Sorta. lol I'm going to try and do a couple of mock videos like the ones from the movie Pulse. This is just a test run. I'm gonna need some make-ups and clean up behind me a bit. I'm just excited by our new toy and gotta share.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I got my check from inboxdollars a couple days ago. It finally cleared and deposited into my checking account (the half I deposited, we needed food, too). Aaron gets pissy when I try to spend "my" money on him so I went through amazon.com and picked out some movies for myself. There were a bunch I really wanted to get (I could easily spend $200 on $2 movies), but I had to narrow it down to 2. Almost 3 if I woulda had 5 more cents. *ggrr* I knew for sure I wanted to get Infection. I saw the preview on Eye 2 and it looks twisted. So that was one. I was sitting here looking at my list and really trying to decide on my #2. Then it occured to me . . . . I have several Japanese and Cantonese (and Thai) horror movies, we have a couple French ones, and that Australian one who's name escapes me at the moment. So, what's a German horror movie look like? I have no idea where to even begin looking for one so I start where I'm at. I went to the advance search on amazon and selected German language from the drop-down. Of course it starts the list with American movies with German language dubs. *boo* I then went to yahoo search and typed in German horror movies worth watching kinda hoping there would be a list with just that title. No such luck. In fact, most of the hits had nothing to do with what I was looking for. Then I found a link about halfway down that went back to amazon. All of the reviews were kind of bad so I started looking through the "people who bought this also looked at these" section and found one that sounds promising. Anatomy it's called. Yeah, another medical horror. Aaron and I agree that horror movies that take place in schools, hospitals or hotels get an added starter point. Shades of Silent Hill. lol Then, ya know, for him gore and T&A add to his count and psychological angles (mind fucks lol) add to mine. Anyway, if you're curious, here's the links to my movies. It's a well-known and trusted site so stupid myspace should let you click-through:


I hope they get here soon. ^_^ Now if they get here fairly quickly and play like they're supposed to I can already see Aaron giving me $$ to deposit so he can order some that we just can't find anywhere. Hehehe. Oh! For y'all that live down by us, HEB has a bin of $5 previously viewed movies by the new electronic section and a lot of them are really fairly new. Check there first if you're movie searching.

Monday, May 11, 2009

NJ House (pic heavy)

Firstly, Sandy's the new plague monkey. She was so sick she couldn't even go with us to Brak's last night to sort of see her off! It was great, though. Tacos for dinner, eclairs for dessert (we ate all the ones we brought home, sorry!) and wonderful conversation. I feel bad about missing the movers, but we did make it out there! I had all but forgotten how nice it really is out there. Just hanging out in the country at night, talking and laughing. *sigh* There was more than one reason I didn't want to leave.

I've been working on a Sims project for a couple of days. It ended up being harder than I thought it would because I really ended up wanting to get it as perfect as I could. It's a little off, but really really close. The landscaping is WAY off, but that's because their house was in a giant hole. Also, as you'll see in the second picture, some of the elements aren't where they should be, partly the game's fault, partly mine because of where I started the house. A little background. This is where my maternal grandparents lived. I believe my grandma's dad built it. It was small, but in a cozy way. When we'd visit my sisters and I would sleep on the porch. Not for lack of room upstairs, but because my grandma kept it 60 degrees inside. This house, unfortunately, is no longer standing. Stupid richy Franklin Lakes fuckers.

Firstly, the outside of the house, the actual building is near identical. The bottom gray part is an addition, my grandpa's work area, and the porch above it was added and expanded to what it finally was. Behind it is actually a cellar, but that's a terrain mod I can't imagine pulling off. To the left is where JoJo and Cinder are buried.

This next one shows where the street, sheds and lake should be.

There were two shed. The bluish one was old and housed mostly fishing stuff. The bigger one was new(ish) and had a deep freezer and some random clutter.

Next is the cellar and workshop area. Notice how there's no door on the between wall? Cuz that was the cellar. Solid concrete. We hardly went into the workshop area. It was mostly yard tools. The cellar had another deep freezer and canned goods and more random clutter. The stairs were not near as sturdy as these Sim stairs. Also, they didn't have flamingoes, they had those birds with the flappy wings and also reflecters so people driving around that path didn't back into a bush.

Here's a shot of the living room.

And an above view of the "main" floor. The only bathroom and the kitchen. The empty partitioned area had the washer and dryer. Outside the kitchen window you would have actually seen mostly hillside (it was a hole) and the stairs going up the hill to the non-4-wheel-drive parking area.

And finally, the bedrooms. My grandparents had the big room (and the furniture was actually reversed, but Sims don't squish to get where they need to be), and my mom and Uncle (and later my Aunt and Uncle) shared the small room. There's supposed to be a closet, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to work. :-p

So, that's it. The former residence situated at 732 Colonial Rd. in Franklin Lakes, NJ. I sent copies of the pictures to my mom to find out what she thinks. *sigh* So many memories. I wish I could do my Great (great) Uncle's house, but we never went upstairs so it would only be a guess. And we didn't spend enough time at my Great Grandma's house for me to even begin doing that one justice. So count your lucky stars I might not be sharing a project this big again. lol

Brak Has Landed

She left this morning and is now safely in CT. Her suitcase is not there yet because it took a different flight. . . . . all on it's own accord. Apparently they had a huge fight and it just couldn't handle being on the same plane. hehehehe Naw, the first one was delayed and she barely made the second. The suitcase was not so lucky. Beexk was fine, just angry about being in the carrier that long. And the rats should be there tomorrow. Hurrays!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bra Horrors

Hello everyone. How are we today? Good? Good. Well. I was feeling particularly generous to myself today. Not something that happens often. So I decided to get some new clothes. I needed shorts because, well, I don't have any and it's getting pretty hot down here. After picking up my pants at Goodwill a while back I finally have a decent idea of what size I wear in women's clothes so I figured that shouldn't be hard. But we didn't start out going to Goodwill. We started at Walmart. The one nice thing I got from there is a black shirt (size M/L) that is a really nice fabric for $3. And I got a bra. I have not bought myself a new bra in, like, 10 years. The one I have that fits . . . . better, is still too small and so worn out that I punched my thumb through the band about a week ago when I was trying to fasten it. Well, our walmart is renovating. A lot of stuff is being moved around, some stock is being done away with (hopefully momentarily) and a lot is being put on clearance so the shelves are easier to move. A lot of bras were on sale, so I figured "why not?" I mean, I NEED a bra. I love my breasts, but I'm kind of hoping they shrink just a bit as I start losing some weight. Not a lot!! I love having boobs and I don't think I could go back to a C-cup. But I digress.

With all of the stock-moving the "plus size" bras were MIA. Last I measured (or had a bra with an intact tag) I was a 36-38DD. The biggest size available was a 40D. Little known fact, as bad sizes change, the cup size is slightly altered. A simple accomidation so that cups don't run clear around the back of the bra. So 40D shouldn't fit too poorly. It's a Fruit of the Loom bra. With padding. Since apparently it's blasphemy to make a bra without padding for some gawdawful reason. It clasps in the front and has a nifty little loop-hook in the back to X the straps. I like the cotton, better than lace and a seam running straight across my nipple. That's a hassle I will avoid at all costs because it HURTS!

So after that we went to Goodwill and I picked up (the good first) a pair of pajama pants. The ones I've been wearing have a hole in the ass. I can mend them, but these are nice. I don't know what kind of material it is (I guess I can look if anybody just has to know) but they're more loose-flowing. Black with gold-tan-ish moons all over them. The shorts, that was a fiasco. Get this, okay. I'm looking for a pair of size 18 shorts. I know what my thighs look like and I want the legs to come down to at least mid-thigh. No coochie cutters that are going to ride up and expose my fatness. No. 90% of the shorts were 16 and below coming to mid-thigh or 22 and higher mini-short-shorts!! OMFG!! I saw several pairs of 24W daisy dukes!! *vomits* Who are the fatties running around exposing their cellulite? Anyway, all of the 20s were too short so I settled on a decent pair of 16s. They're a little snug, but wearable with a longer shirt.

Back to the bra. The 40D nightmare. Okay, it's not as bad as all that, but I still want to cry. The good is the X-strap conversion. I haven't worn a bra with little straps (bigger bras have wider straps for "comfort") since HS. This one has little straps. Using the X clip is such an improvement!! I can still hardly believe it. It makes between my shoulder blades the load-bearing point and I can hardly feel the straps on my shoulders at all. The padding, I think, is serving it's own purpose. The cups are too small, but the foam gives them some sturdiness so I can loosen the straps and have . . . . like a boob sundae. I have too keep them loose enough so that I don't have quad-boob too noticibly. Although I'm peeking out of the bottom a bit too, so loose fitting shirts for now.

So. What I'm going to do is just as soon as walmart gets their clothing section straightened out (the fitting rooms are sitting exposed like a row of port-o-johns) I'm going to grab as many bras as I can take in, within the range of 38DD - 40DDD and find one that actually honest-to-goodness fits! I don't care if it's $30. All I want is a band that sits snug under the breast and a cup that encapsulates the whole bloody mess. Is that so much to ask?! Yes, I'm fully aware that when I do start losing weight I'm going to have to go through this shit all over again. *sigh* Bras suck. I wonder if I'd have better luck with them if I hadn't burned 'em at the lake . . . . Hehehehehe.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm Sad . . .

I just had an incident in my online Wicca group which is very troubling to me. We had a member, who is a Christian Wiccan (yes, there are a great many of them running around) who left. The stated reason being the hatred and bigotry shown towards Christians by the Pagan/Wiccan community. At first we thought it must be some mistake. Surely no one in OWR was behaving this way! We're about tolerance and learning to understand people from all different paths. Further investigation by another moderator discovered that, indeed, OWR was not to blame, but many of this person's other pagan groups.

I do understand where this person is coming from. There is much animosity on both sides of the fence; but not everyone is like that. I can understand frustration and wanting to associate with like-minded individuals. I do. It's sad to me that there is a huge problem within the entire spiritual/religious spectrum of disassociation. Micro-classification. Without coming together we can never understand where anybody is coming from and that is why there is so much fear and hatred. This is a huge problem. Judging a group of people based soley on their spiritual path is the same thing as racism and it's not okay!

I get so angry at this missed opportunity. The throwing out the good with the bad. It is up to those of us who can recognize the problem to build the bridges. I, for one, have the same love and respect for my Christian friends as my Pagan friends. We can agree to disagree and communicate like civilized human beings. If I ever do come across an instance of "Christian-bashing" I step up and say "Hey. I have some good friends who are Christian. They're not all closed-minded hate-mongers. You just have to get to know them as people first." And I hope that I have been a good enough example that they feel comfortable offering me that same respect. That they can stand up and say "No, they don't worship the devil and live in some anti-social fantasy world." If we can each do this then we can combat the problem! Build those bridges.

It's like recycling. It may not seem like one person can make a difference, but if one person can convince just one other person, then that's two people! Even if global change never comes, wouldn't you rather know in your heart that you did the right thing? The courageous thing?

For those of you who are interested, this is the zodiaction book I mentioned before. Just so you know what the cover looks like, and clicking on it will take you to the amazon.com site for more info

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I dunno. lol I'm not as good at coming up with subject lines as Brak is. Yesterday morning at 2am we got calls from Sandy and Shed about hanging out and trying to get beer. It's been a while (okay not that long since Arbor Day, but cumulatively) since we've gone out to hang out with people so we went. It's fun to get out and just hang out with people. Especially cool people. ^_^ And it worked out well because the subject came up of a floating concert ticket. So Aaron got to go to the Korn concert. I get anxious in crowds so from what Aaron told me about it I would have been miserable going. I'm glad he enjoyed himself, though. And I got to spend all day on the computer. I was going to try and get some cleaning done, but between neopets and checking up on bills it just didn't work out that way.

I've been working out some. Not a lot. Just working on my legs so I don't hurt myself when the POD gets here. I'm starting to enjoy the burn. Hehehe. It will be nice to finally get some decent cardio worked in too. I've also been reading through Zodiaction, a workout book catagorized by zodiac sign. Perhaps once there's a little more privacy around here I'll work on the scorpio routine. It is amazing . . . . I think so anyway. lol It combines strength, stretch and cardio in a series of 10 50-second intensity bursts with a 2 minute cool down. All done in 10 minutes! The trick is to really get into it. My other problem is going to be finding a place where I can jump without busting through the floor.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Upcoming Astrological Events

I stole this from Magdelena (love you!) because with everything that I know everyone is going through this month I thought that this could be some very helpful information to have handy. For you non-believers, I'll have something different for you tomorrow.

May's major astrological events are a mix of small things and big things that can make it a challenge to maintain a proper sense of proportion throughout the month. Mercury, the speedy little messenger planet, turns retrograde in its airy home sign of Gemini on May 7 and will be in reverse gear until May 30. This every four-month backward shift often complicates conversations, blurs details and messes with technology. It's helpful to slow down when sharing important information to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Maintenance of equipment is another way to forestall difficulties and use this period effectively. We often reconnect with people from the past, as well.

Mercury returns to earthy Taurus on May 13, which has the positive effect of putting our feet on the ground. Breaking down complex issues into smaller pieces is a constructive way to apply this sign's practical nature. However, the Bull can also be stubborn, so avoid forcing someone into a corner where all they can do is resist or fight back. And take notice when you seem to be stuck with a point of view that leaves you in an inflexible position. Being certain doesn't necessarily mean that you're right, and even if you are, what good does it do when it isolates you from others?

At the other end of the spectrum (and the month) there is the first of three conjunctions between planetary giants Jupiter and Neptune on May 27. Don't count on precision with this expansive pair as the effect of their union -- returning on July 10 and December 21 -- can spread out over a couple of weeks. Their conjunction in idealistic and innovative Aquarius is like an astrological magical mystery tour, the opening of mind and spirit to dimensions far beyond the boundaries of ordinary life. The upside is an enormous wave of faith, hope and inspiration. For dreamers, seekers, the lost and the lonely, it's a spiritual bonanza of visions of a better world. Jupiterian generosity and Neptunian compassion can lighten our loads and give us glimpses of a brighter tomorrow. Compassion, cooperation and community are among their many gifts. The only downside is when hucksters and fakers write the scripts that lead us down lanes of illusion. Beware of get-rich-quick schemes and romantic tales full of promise but devoid of substance. It is healthy to stretch your mind and open your heart to soak in the splendor of a grander vision of reality, as long as it's rooted in your experience rather than someone else's sales pitch.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So, I watched it and it was exactly what I thought it was. ^_^ Stupid Game Stop. Don't know when they've got gold sitting right there on the shelf. Same with Audition, got that for $2 at Game Stop. And to clarify, it's Cantonese not Japanese. My bad. It was really good. This girl tries to kill herself, fails, finds out she's pregnant and because of these two factors she can see the spirits. Mostly spirits that are waiting to be reborn. There's a lot of understory and creepy-ness, but you're going to have to watch it for yourself. There were at least two scenes that were taken from actual famous Chinese ghost stories. One is this guy walks out of a library and sees a girl walking ahead of him. His interest is piqued so he speeds up to see if her front is as hot as her back. He gets by her, looks over and her front is the same as her back! *eerie music* Another one is of a bus stop in Hong Kong where you will hear the voice of a woman ask what time it is and if you answer then she pops right up in front of your face! *muahahahaha* Awesome. Another bonus was the previews. I don't generally watch 'em, but this one had a preview of a Cantonese movie called "Infection". I wanna get it. lol It looks seriously disturbing. Also, the origional 'Premonition' (Sandra Bullock did the American version which was okay) looked pretty wicked too. What else? I thought there was another but I forget. Apparently there's an Asian version of "Shutter" but that one took place in . . . Japan and the two main characters were the only Americans so I don't know how different it would be.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Hehehehe. Even though we got a late start with the grocery shopping today, we had to make an out of the way turn anyway. Got into the van and the gas gauge is literally in the very bottom line. Like, below the orange warning section. So instead of going straight to walmart after hitting the atm we had to double-back to Mickies. Decided to swing by the mall before we went shopping. Checking out the game stores on the off chance they happen to have a copy of Family Fun Stuff. Nobody did. We did find a movie. Eye 2 There's a chance it's the 2nd of the original Japanese version of The Eye . . . there's a chance it's something completely different. I'll be popping it in when I get offline to find out for sure. While we were meandering through the mall we swung by Tilt for an impromptu game of Skeeball. Aaron did better than me, but even so for our dollar we only got 34 ticket. Enough for me to get a lollipop.

Hehehehe. It's a Chupa Chups pop . . . not sure what flavor. Looks like S'more ice-cream? Maybe? After that it was a bunch of same ol' same ol'. Skeeball was fun, though. Oh, and the landlord is once again planning on filling the mudholes with rocks. Cuz, ya know, it's worked so well so far.