Monday, April 27, 2009

Mud Drops On My Windshield

Only thing I hate about rain. And, ya know, it's fairly recent too. Our driveway never ever ever got this bad until they tore up the trees and grasses and stuff. I'm working on something. And I'm gonna do it too. Just you wait, you'll see. And it'll be fantastic. It's that time, ya know?

We did a lot of driving around today. Ended up at the walmart in Cove. Only for the reason of using their bathroom. We went in, walked to the bathroom, were about to walk in and this bitch, with all the attitude she could muster, told Aaron that the bathroom was closed (there was no sign, no reason to have such an attitude about it) and he'd have to use the one in back. So we head to the back and she keeps trying to call me to let me know I can use that one. Excuse me? What sense would that make? I can walk to the back of walmart with my husband so we don't have to search the damn building for each other. Stupid. Aaron was livid. So when we got to the back bathroom he pissed all over the stall. The walls, the toilet, the toilet paper dispenser. Everything. Let that rude bitch clean that! Reminded me of the rude waitress that got dark chocolate for her tip. Do not be rude to customers! Especially if they haven't done anything to warrant it.

20 minutes and I'm getting started on dinner. Expect an "Adventures in Eating" sement tomorrow because tonight we're having the vindaloo that Brak so lovingly cooked up for us. MMMmmmm. Depending on how I feel after that (I might be too stuffed to move) I'm gonna see how I look in her purple wig for some pictures. Not near as cute, I figure, but maybe close. ^_^

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