Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Woah. They changed the bloggy stuff again. Hrm. Anyways, Happy Earth Day! Sandy and I went to the planetarium at CTC for a free show. First there was a guest speaker . . . if I can find the pamphlets . . . . No. Zoe something. She was kinda funny. After that was a movie about China's role in construction and their "superblocks" that are 20-story apartment buildings that take up so many resources. Unfathomable growth in China. But the interesting thing is if they changed to "ecoblocks" which are self-sustaned and eco-friendly, they would save $35 billion a year in construction costs!! Not to mention what they would save in energy production, etc. The website for the movie is I'm pretty sure you can get the video from there, but being on dial-up I can't say for sure. Sandy? Help? lol Oh! They had a space rock in the lobby and we got to touch it. ^_^ They said there was a display at the library, but it was hardly worth the walk.

After that we were feeling green so we took Sandy's cans out to the recycling facility . . . . and couldn't get in. We heaved everything into the van to take 'em onto Ft. Hood and found out there are bins outside the shopette just outside the ID check gates. *whoot* Either way, those cans are getting recycled.

And today we finally picked my mom back up from the airport. Finally! She had a miserable time and has no plans of going back. I'm not thrilled by this fact, especially since she fails to see the similarities between her youngest sister and mine, but there is a sort of smug satisfaction.

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