Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Arbor Day!

It's easy! Plant a tree! ^_^ Though they've been kind of mushed together, there are some differences between Earth Day and Arbor Day. Arbor Day is exclusively a "plant a tree" kind of day. Actively doing something to rebuild Earth's natural resources, clean up the air. Also, there's the getting together with friends part. But that's just an added bonus. Earth Day is more about the recycling and writing to your senator about green initiatives.

So we got out a little late. It happens. But we did get everything squeezed in, and it was so great to just hang out with everybody all day. Even Hayley joined in and lent a helping hand! Brak got her rat cages cleaned out, the tree got planted. We made it a wish tree and everyone made wishes. Lunch and dinner were fantastic. I'm still full! And I'm so glad that everyone got along! *phew* Hehehehe. I wasn't terribly worried about that part . . . just a smidgen. I only have about 1/3 of the pics taken today. Brak and Sandy have the rest on their cameras. As always I'm only uploading the best ones here. The entire collection can be found here. If that clicky link doesn't work, copy-paste and remove any stupid myspace spaces:

Enjoy. lol *phew* I'm stuffed and exhausted. And kind of sad. What is there to look forward to now?! Well, minus Sandy and I are going out there on the 10th to offer moral support while Brak entrusts her rats to the movers.

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