Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day #25

Good news! (It's a suppository, hehehehe) This will very likely be my last numbered day blog. My dad's finally home. Finally! I was talking to my mom on the phone (again) and told her he wasn't in, went to pee and there he was. Effectively making me a liar. But in a good way!

Now we have to start working on all the crap that needs doin' before the new load of crap gets here. There are some good things coming, bike & treadmill, printer, antique sewing machine; but it's still going to be a giant ass-pain getting everything moved around.

Oooh, and my mom is borrowing Supernatural Seasons 1-3 from my Aunt. Hehehe. It's going to take forever to rip & burn that many discs, but unless their coded all funky (I am working off of free cheap-o software) it'll be totally worth it. Especially since they made CW a pay channel and we've missed everything since 1/2-way through the 2nd season.

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