Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day #22

It's looking like he won't be in tomorrow. He called a bit ago, but he's roaming . . . I don't see what the difference is since he's paying for unlimited roaming . . . maybe he forgot that too? O.o As soon as he gets near a Sprint tower he's calling back and I can ask him how close he is. Of course my sister's got to be off tomorrow, but she'll just have to wait 'til we get done what needs doing.

Aw. I missed the 10,000 views mark. Now it's 10,011. hehehe Binary. We're supposed to be getting some wicked rain. Not quite looking forward to that either. At least we have new tires and brakes.

Yeah. Fairly uneventful day. I'm going to have to wake up Aaron soon so we can take up the trash. I'm so glad this ordeal is almost over. I can hardly believe I've made it this far. Too soon yet to tell if there's permanent mental damage.

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