Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day #21

3 full weeks in the bag. *swoosh* ^_^ Today was a long complicated day. Starting at about 4:30 this morning when Aaron woke me up to show me the progress he made cleaning up the room behind my back. O.o I can see the bed now! We can both lay on it and stretch out! It's fantastic! Once we get the chair out of here we can start thinking of what we're going to do with all the crap that isn't trash. Hehehehe. Spring Cleaning! I'm starting to feel better already.

Hope everyone got their taxes filed. We tried to do it online, but I checked it today at about 9 and it didn't go through! Something stupid with the electronic signature. Of course when my dad tried to call the help number it was busy. Of course. Cuz everyone else is wondering what the hell their supposed to do too. So I ended up with 2 hours to get them paid. I have never done taxes before. I never made enough money to have to worry about it. Luckily the 1040 was already filled in in pencil so I just had to erase that and pen it in. Then, of course, I had the W2 and other one 99-something stapled to the back and had to redo it. I checked online and our post office downtown is postmarking everything in the drop box that gets dropped off before midnight as today. 25 more minutes people! Go! Go! Go! I was on the phone with my dad almost the whole time so he could walk me through the confusing parts. Like the whole deal with the labels. o.O The last thing he said was "You better get it there in time (I had an hour and a half). If you get into a wreck on the way there you crawl on your bloody hands and knees if you have to. Then if you still need an ambulance you can call one." lmao Thanks dad. Yes, he was kidding. Mostly. When I got there it wasn't near as packed as I expected. Me, one other car and 2 people walking up. *shrugs* The bad news is the borked his load so he probably won't be in until late Saturday or early Sunday.

I'm being dragged away kicking and screaming now. Hehehehe. Naw. We do have some things to pick up. I guess I'll update my counter when I get

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