Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day #20

Tuesday. Just another day in a string of long long days. So, I'll give you guys a break. Instead of another *bitch~moan* numbered day blog I'm going to share some information I came across today. Prepare yourselves.

I was watching Unsolved Mysteries this morning. One of their stories was on Father Solanus. I know, I blog a lot about Catholic personalities. Don't read too much into it. He caught my attention because he apparently was, and still is, a terrific healer.

One story they had on U.M. was of a boy who contracted polio. One of the father's coworkers heard the news and went to Father Solanus to ask him to pray for the boy. Father Solanus said the boy would be fine the next day and he was! Throughout the rest of his life he had no lingering effects from the polio.

Another one was a woman who had a lump in her breast. They were going to take a biopsy and as her and her husband were walking through the hospital they passed a prayer room that had Father Solanus' picture on the wall. The husband closed his eyes and prayed that his wife please not have to be cut open ever again. 1/2 an hour later they did another mamogram to mark where to cut her open and the lump had completely vanished.

I think this is just amazing. I'm bookmarking that site. Tomorrow when I have more time I'm going to download the free mp3s. Possibly something in there worth incorperating into meditation.

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