Friday, April 10, 2009

Day #16

And the clock goes around and around and around and around. I'm about done. I've had enough. One more week. At least tomorrow I don't have to worry about taping anything. Today we saw the damndest thing, though. Driving to walmart and sitting off the side of the highway was a truck. On fire! There was no evidence of a wreck. It was like any normal truck you would see pulled off to the side of the road for, like, a flat tire or something. Except for the fact that it was on fire. By the time we were heading back the fire was out and they had the truck on the back of a tow truck.

Took Sandy up to the pharmacy. Then she did me the favor of getting me a carton (my $, her ID) at the PX. Thanks a fucking lot you assholes for jacking the price up. Again. "We can't sell them any more than 5% less than off post" *gggrrr* I'm working on cutting back. I'll be quiting soon. I hate feeling like I have to, but that's just too much money.

Picked up a new kite today. I haven't taken it for a test spin yet. Aaron's convinced I'll never get one to fly in the back yard anyway because of the trees. I'm convinced all I need is a solid wind going in one direction. I'll keep trying with my little kite. I'll save the big one for one day when we go out someplace with more space.

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