Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day #13

Well, even if he gets screwed and doesn't come home 'til next Sunday then we've still gotten over the halfway hump. So, as Brak said, we just have to do what we've already done. And, as Winston Churchill said, "If you're going through hell, keep going." And as Hank Hill said, "Just take it one day at a time, like the drunks do." All good advice. Would've been nice if they didn't order two pizzas and then just take off so I had to tell the delivery guy I had no idea what he was talking about cuz surely no one here ordered a pizza. And it would be super if she'd give me back the damn van key before I have to raise hell. Heh. I guess that's another halfway hump since tomorrow is her 2nd of her two days off in a row. Just got to make it through tomorrow and then back to work for her. Then we just see how next week goes and then we're in the clear. That's not too much, right? I can make it. If we can get Elvis to behave. *sigh* Drama, drama, drama. I wish I could just sleep off the next two weeks.

Took Sandy to her appointment today. Took her and JD actually. He's not too bad from what I can tell so far. Didn't make my 2-second shit list, so kudos for that. Yes, for those of you who don't know me that well in person, there are a great many people I can tell in 2 seconds if they're a shitty person or not. Even if they've got everybody else fooled. I've never been wrong.

I'm a bit late mentioning, but you know how every now and then Harlequin will send out things for free books? Well, due to some kind of mix-up, I got 6 free books. Not romance books, they do murder-mystery/suspence, too. I finished one book called "The Whispering Room." It was really good. The author lives in Houston, but the book takes place mostly in New Orleans. People die by snakebite, crazy ladies and almost twins. Good stuff. The one I'm reading now is called "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" and it's got a (supposedly) cute private detective and a midget girl (like Sandy!) jewel thief and a pug-fuggly dog. I'm about 1/2 way through it. I had started one of the other books about a lawyer and something where he got suspended and had to pick 10 cases to finish off and it's about his last case before his suspension. I kinda lost that book, though. I think it was called "The Tenth Case" and it's got a greyish cover and it should be around here somewhere.

Okay, I'll stop boring you with my ranting. I'm starting to put myself to sleep. *fingers crossed* for 10 1/2 days before things go back to normal. Maybe 9 1/2 but I dare not hope.

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