Monday, April 6, 2009

Day #12

Did I mention how exhausted I am? (I do believe I warned you these weren't going to be my normal rivetting blog posts) Mostly mentally. I dropped my dad off this morning. And so the long stretch before his next return begins. *ominous theme plays* I have a few things to remember to do while he's gone. Bills, shows to tape. Rivetting.

I did have a very unusual dream during my mid-day "eat up time" nap. It started out in a backwoods kind of swampy area. I was driving the Christianmobile down this out of the way dirt road (I think Sandy was with me) and started to stop at this abandoned decrepit shack of a gas station. I drove slowly through the dirt parking lot looking for a gas pump that didn't look completely erroded when a car (I don't even remember what kind or if it was a cop or not, but it might've been) pulled in. I got spooked and punched the gas. I headed towards the wooded area of the swamp figuring I'd be safer. . . even though I had no idea where I was so there was a good chance of me getting lost. The engine flooded giving the offending car plenty of time to catch up and when it did I guess I got lucky and managed to drive off. The road was hilly and the trees were thick. It was very dark. I saw some lights ahead and went towards those. This is where it got wierd. In previous dreams I often visit the apartments I grew up in in Germany. They are usually different, as expected, this time they werereally different. Our stairwell was the entirety of the building and it was fancy! Dark rich woods, fancy panelling, intricate detail work on the double stair-well. This is where my memory gets a bit hazy. I remember going up floor by floor. . . . I was checking all of the doors (yes, all 6 doors were right where they should have been) and I ended up at the top-right door (where we used to live, 11F). I think I was checking to see if they were locked? But if there was something in there that was going to "get me" then it could logically get out of a locked door, right? Anyway, the last thing I remember is getting up to our door and then I woke up.

*ugh* Anybody else watch wrestling? Am I the only person sick and tired of watching Rey Mysterio win week after week after week against people he has no business winning against? There's "underdog" and then there's "obviously set up". I pray for the day when one of the big guys just turns him into paste.

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