Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day #11

A little late, but I was just too tired last night. We ended up having to dig through the piles to try and find my box. Took out 8 bags of trash and finally found it, but what we thought was in there wasn't. So now I'm wondering, where could Aaron's SS card be?! There's a chance that it just dissovled, but I don't think so. Hrm.

Pleh. It's been great having my dad here. Someone to talk to and someone to keep an eye on things that isn't me! It's a little sad, though, too, because we're coming up on the long stretch. No less than 11 full days 'til he comes back. Oh! He looked at the priceline information on ticket changes and no matter what there is a base charge of $150 so she's staying to the end. Oh well. We can make it 11 days, right? She'll just have to miss out on 1/2 of his vacation week and maybe she'll keep this in mind next time she decides to take off.

So tomorrow I'm going through my box of pictures. I think I'm going to take a ziploc bag for ones that I scan and one for ones that aren't scanned so I know how far I am getting them re-done. It's a big ol' pain, but it's got to be done. Something else to eat up time.

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