Friday, April 3, 2009

Day #09

Yes, another early post. My dad's coming in this evening *fingers crossed* so I want to get as much out of the way as I can. Got to Midas this morning. About 20 minutes early! Took them forever to inspect the brake system. Get this; we had no brake pads left! One good hard stop and it would have been a catastrophe. Almost a good thing my mom's not here. Almost. She's a hard braker. The guy was real nice and had 3 estimates. One for just the brake work, one with that plus the radiator hoses which will need to be replaced soon, and one including the shocks which are 25,000 miles past the manufacturer's suggested replacement milage. I 'hmmmed' and 'hawed' and looked kind of pitiful and he jumped on the computer and knocked $100 of the price. Hehehehehe. Sucker. No, he really was nice and we got the lifetime replacement warranty so we'll never have to pay for brakes on that van ever again and they don't make any noise now and I don't have to start stopping way before I logically should.

So then I went to Kwik Kar to get it inspected. Ever have one of those movie moments where you walk away from a situation and just have to mouth "Oh-my-GAWD!". Yeah. I had one of those. I'm sitting there waiting for someone to ask me what the hell I want, I'm leaned over to put my smokes in my purse and hear "Hey Elizabeth" Who the hell calls me Elizabeth?! I looked up and it's Joey from middle school. HA! Okay, he goes by Joe now. I knew he worked there (and he mentioned to my dad when he was there that he went to school with me) but I certainly wasn't expecting "How ya doing? Here for that inspection?" O.o He looks different. And here's the kicker, I wouldn't even remember him as little as I do (I'm pretty sure he went to KHS . . .) if my friend Amanda hadn't had the HUGEST unreciprocated crush on him. So anyway, ended up being 46 freakin' dollars! "Your windshield wipers are frayed at the ends and coming off" That wasn't Joe, some older guy I don't remember ever seeing there before. $15 a blade. But you know what? I just got back from 3 1/2 hours at Midas and wasn't about to come back after price shopping for the damn things. Whatever, put 'em on and give me my sticker so I can get on with the rest of my day. Jackhole.

Other than that, pretty uneventful. O.o Long day. Little bitch is suddenly all gussied up in the middle of my sister's shift. My guess is I'm going to get up and she'll be gone. Likely off getting herself some cock. Now if only she would just stay gone I could relax and enjoy the rest of the month. Arbor Day!!! I can't wait.

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