Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day #08

Yes, I'm posting early. I dunno how the rest of today's going to go. Firstly, thank y'all so much for being so great and bearing with me. ^_^ I couldn't ask for better friends. Couldn't even imagine such a thing. Finally made that appointment with Midas. 8am tomorrow morning. And I'll be picking her up around 2am so I'll be sleeping when I can.

The firemen were out in force collecting money for Jerry's Kids. I donated a dollar. Because sometimes good things come to good people. And even if the Universe is random, I can't turn my back on a fireman. Well . . . . . *ahem*

Talked to my dad. He's in Oklahoma. Picks up a load at 10am tomorrow morning. Which is just fantastic concidering I'm going to have to okay any Midas charges with him. (did ya catch the sarcasm there?) He'll be dropping this load in Grapevine . . . . it sounds familiar but I have no idea how close that is to here. So with any luck either tomorrow afternoon or Saturday morning. And with any luck the van will be fixed and inspected before he gets here. That would be nice. *sigh* I just wish I didn't have to be the one to get it all done.

As it is now (unless it gets changed) 20 days and 2 hours 'til my mom comes in. Hehehe. She's bored witless. Calling all the time. Maybe next time she'll give me some concideration when I ask her if she's 'absolutely sure' she wants to be gone that long. 'Course, if it wasn't for The Royals it wouldn't matter one lick to me how long she was gone. Ah to dream.

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