Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day #07

Finally it's April! One week down. 3 more to go. *sigh* Today was . . .weird. Long and weird. Seemed like it took forever for the landlord to show up, but 4pm on the 1st is better than 10am the day prior like he has been. Mostly because of our new neighbors who apparently always have something to do. Anyway, he said it looked like I lost weight. Not in an inappropriate way, just off-hand. O.o I don't think I have. It's all the pants. They're really good pants. (kudos to anyone who catches the 2 Futurama references there) Hehehehe. Still have to get the brakes done. Why don't I just do it already? Meh. If you know me you know why. Anyway, I had a little fun on sims. I tried downloading some kind of sim torture device but apparently all of the sadistic simmers are keeping their creations to themselves. Anyways, enjoy! And if you're wondering if I'm being mean with how she looks, check her out for yourself. It's scary how close it is.

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