Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adventerous Eating Pt. 4

*trumpet sounds* Last night's delicious delicacy was Brak's Vindaloo! She made it for us before Earth Day so we could bring it home and enjoy. (Although we would have enjoyed it just as much there ^_^)

Nevermind that stuff on the stove. That's not vindaloo, it's old grease. See how good that looks? See those generous chunks of chicken?! My initial concern was that it was going to be super spicy, but as it cooked I wasn't hit with an eye-watering spice-heat so I started to calm down. I also *ahem* prepared rice and Naan to go with it.

Yeah, I cheated. That 5-minute rice has a wierd consistancy and I've only ever gotten normal rice to come out properly twice. Our pots suck.

Ta-da! Looks good, right? Well, that's nothing compared to how good it tastes! You should be totally jealous. There was a little heat around the edges, but it was kind of sweet too. I'm definitely for sure going to have to learn to make it for myself. I think even my dad would eat it. He doesn't normally like spicy food, but it's not that spicy. "Just right" spicy. Very very very good. Bravo, Brak! Bravo!

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