Friday, March 6, 2009

Semi-Sad Kinda Day (piccies!)

Such a sad adventure day. Started as a hospital trip. Picked up Sandy and we made our way to Ft. Hood. O.o Hurray! lol Went to Darnell for test results, swung by the recycling bins to make a deposit, gas station then highway to Temple! You would not believe the construction on the way to Scott & White! They put in a clover-leaf!!! *dies* As if Loop 363 wasn't confusing enough.
So we made it to the diagnostics building easily enough. Only to find out the Dr. wasn't there. Reschedule then it's off to Chalk Ridge! aka: The Walking Trails. I had never been in the bathroom there before, on account of the bees, but we just could not hold it. Hehehe. Check this out:

Notice the lack of tank? That's cuz it's just a hole in the ground! Sandy got a good laugh at me hovering 2ft from the ground. Well, I didn't wanna pee all over it, did I? It coulda gotten on my shoes! *shudders*

Along the trail we found a pair of socks. Seperated from each other of course.

How does a person just up and lose their socks?

Ah, it was so peaceful. And so much the same. I expected the flood to have decimated it like it did Dana Peak. Especially as high as it got on the dam. But it was nice. Just a little worn in some places. Until . . . . disaster.

The flat bridge and the big swing bridge were out of order. In a big way!

That was the whole reason we went out! That bridge is so much fun. I hope when they're renovating all the parks they put up a nice swingy bridge like that one. Not some stable piece of work. lol

Then we went out to Dana Peak Park. aka The Island. We didn't get quite out to the island. We went to the pier. For what that was worth.

This drought really isn't doing the lake any favors. Also, back to the flood. And the rebuilding of our parks. Remember all the so many trees that used to be out on the way to the Island?

All gone. Well, not all, but a lot. It smelled good, but looked terrible. So sad.

So, in the interest of ending on a nice picture. There was a wierd squiggle tree growing out on the trail. I caught the sun in this one so it's odd and pretty. Enjoy.

So purdy. If you want to check out all of the pics from our travels today, check out my album here.

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