Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day #03

Well, today was better than yesterday. O.o Woulda been scary if it were worse, eh? (Now I'm Canadian, eh? ) Of course little bitch decided to take Jet in there, since she's technically my mom's and she doesn't care so there's nothing I can really do. Until it's too late, of course. I mean she (mom) keeps saying "She's not gonna hurt her." like a mantra, but she doesn't know that! Doesn't know this bitch from the asshole across the street, just takes her at face value. Which, as we all know, is worth squat. *gggrrrr* BUT! There is yet a silver lining. I talked to my mom and she wants me to find out if she can get an earlier flight back. Not because of the fight, I guess she assumes it'll make the news if things go downhill, but because she just can't stand living with her sister for a month. Which is why we kept asking her "Are you sure you want to be gone that long?" So now I gotta get on priceline and see what they're exchange policy is on e-tickets. *fingers crossed* See if I can get her coming in on the 15th or 16th. Hehehehehe. She wants to be here for the duration of my dad's vacation and that's the 18th so maybe I can be sneaky. "Oh, well they didn't have any direct flights except for on that day." Hehehehehe. Ahem.

Also talked to my dad again. He's stuck in Oklahoma (where the wind comes rushing down the plains) and hungry and wanted the number for a nearby Pizza Hut. 4 little miles and they wouldn't deliver. "It's out of our area." I think they were just scared to deliver to a non-residence. Chicken shits. I did find him a BBQ/truck stop place 2.6 miles right up the highway. He can't move the truck and he said if they wouldn't deliver (and there wasn't something good on tv) that he'd see about walking. We've walked further, and there's a good chance he could wrangle himself a ride back to the truck so I'm not too concerned. He's pretty savvy.

Oy. Still gotta get the brakes looked at. First thing Monday, I suppose.

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