Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And I Raaaaaaan

^_^ Okay, so that's a fib. That song is stuck in my head!! But I have started part 3 of my betterment regimen. I'm back to drinking my water (Barker :-p) and part 3 is also helping with the meditation part.

So the long walk through the trails brought something to my immediate attention. I'm so out of shape! Yeah, it wasn't just the walking but also the last series of pics I took. Shameful. Mostly it was the walking, though. I used to walk those trails all the time with no problem. This last time I was so out of breath. So, part 3: Walking. Today was day 2 of that. I'm going to get a pedometer (Dollar Tree! *whoot*) so I can have a better gauge on how I'm doing. I didn't quite count yesterday. Back and forth along Aaron's talk trail (and a few trips around the house) until my legs hurt, then a little further. Today I did 20 trips back and forth. I stretched after the first 2 so my legs didn't hurt so bad. I did count steps yesterday and it takes me about 35 one way, so that's 1400 steps. Shameful. Well, concidering my book on natural remedies recommends an additional 10,000 steps added into your day for actual health benefits. So I'd have to do that 7 times a day. :-.. So it's a start. If it's not raining I'm going out again after I'm done online. Wish me luck!

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