Friday, March 13, 2009

About Freakin' Time!

*gasps* Is it possible? Could it really be? Are *gasps* people actually waking the hell up?! Maybe. Howard K. Stern and the Dr.s are finally being charged with Anna Nicole's murder! OMFG everybody already knew he killed her! How could it have taken so long to gather up proof?

And the so-called Octo-Mom's mom needs to get her head out of her damn ass. It's okay for her to leave her daughter to try and care for her kids on her own, but we're supposed to donate our own monies to care for a bunch of kids that never should have been brought into this world in the first place? She already had 6 kids!! "They're not punishing her they're punishing the kids" No. How about if she can't care for the kids then they'll be put in homes where they can be cared for. Finally people are deciding to not reward stupidity just because of "the kids".

If only I could wake up every day to headlines that make me this giddy. 'Course there was that one proclaiming "Alabama shooter was depressed" Oh well la-dee-da! Let's just cry him a river. Let's all play our world's smallest violins for the depressed guy who just couldn't hack it and decided to take it out on innocent people. Get over yourself.

I wish the rain would stop. At least long enough for the driveway to re-solidify. Also, it's hard to find places and privacy enough to move around indoors. But I'm managing.

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