Tuesday, February 3, 2009

They're Creepy And They're Crawly

And not too bad tasting either. We were feeling adventurous yesterday. So while we were at HEB went hit up the fish guy. Got a pound and a half of crawfish. Pre-cooked, thank goodness. I dunno if I could have handled live ones.

Aaron cooked everything up. We had "mexicorn" which is just corn with red and green bell peppers cut up into it. That's what it said on the can. Mexicorn. We also had red beans and rice with sausage cut up into it. Figuring the crawfish wouldn't yield much meat.

He was right. Not much meat. I'm sure there's more if you're a big crawfish head-sucker but we weren't about to go there. That's just the tail meat. Wasteful, I know. It was pretty good, though. Kind of a mix of shrimp and crab tasting? It'll be a while before we do it again, though. Lots of work to get at that tiny bit of meat. Like if you get a whole bunch of little crab legs instead of springing for a couple of big ones. More meat, less shell. *nods*

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