Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Like Gold

They say you can never go home again. Which is supposed to be symbolic of the way things change. So, sure, it's mostly true. Things change and people drift apart. Sometimes, though, you end up with really great friends. Things change, they change, you change; but not quite enough to come between you. And that's just fantastic.

Sandy, Brak and I had a sleepover at Brak's house. So we're all old now and didn't stay up all night giggling and braiding each other's hair. It was still fun! We went over to the big house for chicken dinner. I can't believe her dad remembered me. We watched Ringu and Kung Fu Hustle then slept. lol We did talk and giggle and laugh and reminisce. Cuz some things never do change.

The only downside was being sick! *groans* How did I get so sick?! I'm starting to feel better, though. Yay. Just a cough and some aches. Stay back! I may infect you too!

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