Sunday, February 8, 2009

Capturing Fog

Somewhere about mid-way through our no-comp time there was some crazy thick fog here. Silent Hill quality fog. There have only been a few times when I've been driving around and thought "I really don't know if I'm going to make it home" and that night was one of them. Anyway, I was also thinking "This just looks too awesome to pass up!" So I went inside and grabbed our camera. For all the good it did since the cable to pull the pictures off of it was in Lampasas, but I now have those pictures! Fog does not photograph very well at all. I think it's camera shy. ^_^ I tried with flash, without flash. It just doesn't photograph (at night anyway) the way that you see it. I did have the bright idea to take a picture of the 'streetlight' without the flash and I think that came closest. Well, you'll see. I didn't add the non-streetlight non-flash pictures because they were just black. (Maybe if I still had HP Image Zone I could have pulled something out of 'em, but that's a moot issue at this point)

So, there you have it. Pictures of fog. *shrugs* I thought they were interesting. XD

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