Friday, February 13, 2009

Camera Fun

Okay, so the other day when it rained really horendously I was outside for a bit. I was bored and had the camera so I took some pictures of the yard (hehehe "The yard") for y'all's visual pleasure.
This first one is kind of hard to see. If you look past the branches you'll see a white house. This house stand between us and a proper driveway (even though I like the one we have it comes to our technical back-door). It's abandoned and the garage (working garage, not regular car-garage) has been torn down. And the fence. I'll get more pics of it soon before someone moves in or it gets torn down.

This next one is just the first dandelions to sprout in the yard. I thought they looked lonely.

This one is funny. I was about to go inside and we've got some gnarly weeds at the South-West corner. I stuck the camera in the grass and shot this one to get the "Honey! I shrunk the kids!" perspective. If you look closely in the top-right corner you can probably see the van.

This one here is the tree in that South-West corner. Shot straight-up from underneath. I need to get this one at night before the leaves grow back. The street-light gives it an ethereal white glow.

Last but not least, your standard "sky before the storm". Middle of the back (front) yard with some trees in there for perspective.

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