Saturday, February 28, 2009

Adventerous Eating Pt. 2

If you're looking for Pt. 1, it's titled "They're Creepy &They're Crawly". ^_^ Now, last night's adventerous ingredient was *drumroll*:

Turnips! Shown also with the cabbage and brats. ^_^ Okay, so I've kind of wondered about turnips for a while. It's one of those foods that seems like it should be good for you but maybe doesn't taste that good? So I was talking to my Irish dear, Barry, and he had the suggestion to do them like mashed potatoes. O.o I love mashed potatoes! Butter and salt. How bad could it be?

So I started off by peeling them. Shape, color, texture and smell have led me to the largely unfounded conclusion that turnips are the mutant offspring of radishes and cauliflower. Seriously, smell one sometime. It smells like radish and cauliflower. And the texture is reminiscent of cauliflower even though it looks like a radish. Anyway, from there I cut them up and dropped them into some boiling water. Now, this is the point at which I think something went wrong texturally. I either boiled them too long (yes, I admit it, I was only 1/2 paying attention to the food I was cooking) or didn't drain them enough before loading them with butter and mashing the hell out of 'em.

Looks good, though, right? Like less-fluffy mashed 'taters. Again, that may have been my fault. So then the taste test. Not bad. . . . . I can't say much more than that. Not as good as mashed potatoes, but not as bad as I would've expected. Kinda like mashed cauliflower with a hint of radish? lol Barry also recommends cooking up some carrots and mashing those in with the turnips. I think I'll try that next time. Should give it a little something.

So, my dad likes turnip, but I think he cooks it up like squash? I don't really remember how he said he likes them . . . . I'll have to ask. And I'm still getting errors on the "what you're ___" thing . . . c'mon myspace, get with the program!

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