Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm Back!

So, here I am. Back. Finally. When I went to Brak's to recieve the lovely quilt she made for me she clued me into a source of $20 power supplies! Terrific company. You know what figures, though? They first sent it UPS. There is 1 UPS driver who knows how to get to us. He wasn't working that day. He was working 2 days ago when my mom got a package. Just my luck. But I am back. In the 3 weeks I was waiting for the package to get here (because then I didn't have to wonder how long until I'd be able to fix it) I was thinking about upgrading my video card but there are other things to worry about first. Uhm. I was going to do a big updater blog but things are pretty much about the same. Everyone should go check out Brak's Blog (Eleanor Rigby, #2 on my list) so you can really get the full feel of how terrific my quilt is. *snuggles it* I have pictures but the cord to the camera is currently in Lampasas and it's hard to explain without pictures. So . . . yeah, I'm back. Hurray!

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