Sunday, January 25, 2009

Canadian Hookers, eh?

Okay, so Aaron and I were on our way home the other day. It's getting kinda cold down here. I started wondering about how hookers show off their goodies when it gets so cold. Especially further up north where it gets really cold. And what about Canada? Are there hookers in Canada? Yes, yes there are. Prostitution is not illegal in Canada, as long as it's privately conducted and no one aside the hooker herself is profiting from it. O.o No brothels, no pimps, no hookin' on the street. I'm sure it goes on, but those are the illegal aspects of selling sex in Canada. Well, that and no one under 18, no bringing anyone into Canada to be a hooker and no exporting hookers from Canada to work elsewhere. Apparently if you're a Canadian hooker you can put out an ad in the paper, though. And if a car can be seen it is concidered "in public". Wow. They even have their own support website:
Sex Trade Workers of Canada
Very nice. They're very dedicated to protecting their sex workers and also in bringing to justice people who kill their prostitutes. Apparently they are treated like actual people up there. So, this kind of begs the question: What does a Canadian hooker look like?! Wonder no more!
Here is Sue Davis. A sex worker from up Vancouver who fights for the rights of her peers:

Here is another. Not a great picture, but more expected. Elsa Caroline from Montreal:

So, there you have it. Learn something new every day.

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