Friday, December 25, 2009

And That Is All

Finally Christmas is over. I've never before been so glad for that. Today could've been pleasently uneventful if it hadn't been for our stupid crackhead neighbors. Both their dogs got into our yard. Pitbulls. Mean. Well, one of them is mean. The other one is playful but they keep that one tethered. And therein lies the current problem of it being stuck to the fence. Assholes. Anyway, dinner came out great. I'm glad for that. Surprised my mom and dad with movies for 'em.

Spent last night with the in-laws. That was fantastic. It's always such a joy going over there, as I'm sure I've mentioned. We're going to have to try and get out there more than 4 times a year. Especially with the added stress of a new addition. Hehe. We totally nailed everyone's presents. That made all of the rest of the bullshit worth it. Aaron got Harry Potter like he's been wanting forever and I got a lovely Tree of Life necklace. Happies!

I spent some time catching up on my blog indexing. I'm up to March of this year! *throws confetti* I think next I'm going to do a small section on neopets. Mostly just to have an excuse to back-up my dailies checklist. Avatarlog is on shaky ground so if you have a dailies list saved there you might wanna back it up somewhere too. (My niece recognized my neopets keychains so I'm going to have to remember to find out if she's signed up with it)

I'm off now. Aaron wants to get on and I feel like I've been sitting here all day . . . even though I distinctly remember spending a lot of time in the kitchen . . . how odd.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Still Coding

Did I mention here yet that I'm working on my website? I think I did but I'm starting to get confused between what I post on myspace and what I post on facebook! My poor brain can't keep up. lol Well, I am. Here's the link:

You'll probably have to copy and paste since it blocked Brak from going when I sent it to her on myspace. The only thing there is the work I'm doing on archiving my blog. It's long and tedious and I'm only up to April 9, 2008. Still almost 2 full years to go. Okay, more like 1.75 years.

Downloaded the create-a-world tool for Sims 3. We can finally make our own neighborhoods! I'm basing my loosely off of Chester's Mill in the new SK novel. I say loosely cuz there are certain things that have to be in a Sim neighborhood for it to work properly that just aren't found in Chester's Mill. I've figured out roads and lots. Thankfully the help file was actually helpful or I'd still be stuck on roads.

My dad's doing alright. Yesterday was his birthday and he was in great spirits! I'm so happy to see that. Soon's I know anything about whether or not he's going back to work in January I'll let y'all know.

Yes, I'm totally playing Need for Speed and I'm kicking it's ass with my souped up Peugot! Muahahahahaha!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

For Some Odd Reason

I don't know why, after all this time, but for now, at least, I'm working on re-creating my own personal webpage . . . site. It's more than one page. Or, rather, it will be. I forgot how much of a pain html is, but it is far easier than CSS. I've got a couple things in mind to put on there. Including and indexed archive of my blog. Mostly for my own personal reference. Oh the joy and fun. Well, I'm off to go Sim now. Hehehehe.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


So I got a little bored playing my farmer family. I wanted to get into some tombs! So I made an adventurer chick. She's different from most of my sims. I opted to tailor her traits to adventuring so she's brave and adventurous and handy and a genius and loves the outdoors. Oh, here she is:

She spends most of her time wandering around foreign locations. When she's forced back to Sunset Valley for some R&R she dresses a little more casually:

While she "technically" has a home in Sunset Valley, it's really just an empty lot. She's never there! In fact, the time she spends on home soil is centered almost entirely around the gym, library and park; building up her skills for more journies ahead. Here is is camping out in the park so she can get an early start on improving her logic:

She likes to rotate locations so she doesn't get bored in one area and also to more evenly upgrade her visa levels. That is her lifetime goal. To gain a Level 3 travel visa for each area. Currently she's on an 8-day trip to Egypt. She's so hardcore she'll carry on with her expedition even when a mummy lurks right around the corner!

That was actually a really funny scenario. There were 4 treasure chests surrounding the sarcophagus. As she was pilfering the treasury goodies the mummy popped out all on it's own. She ran around the corner, ready to make a break for it, then realized: wait, it's not following me anymore! So she went back and snapped a picture of the mummy for her new photography skill collection and the mummy turned around! So again she runs (she's only level 4 athletic and 3 martial arts so the odds of winning this fight were not good) and again the mummy loses interest. So she goes ahead and continues looking around the tomb.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wine Cellar

It's been a while since I've done a sims update, so here we go. There are a few new features that I've discovered, so I'll cover those first. Delivery pizza leftovers can be put in the fridge. ^_^ No more wasting pizza. You can use the services option on the phone to discontinue your newspaper delivery. No more forgetting and having rotten papers piling up in front of the house. Oh! Now if you're looking at your Sim's friend list you can click on a friend and either call or invite them over. Perfect if your sim has a lot of friends and you're looking for one to call that has a specific friendship level. Still no zooming to the friend in question, but hopefully. Aaron finally figured out how to buy a vacation home. lol It's an option on the phone. D'oh! Hehehe. Photography skill is awesome. Starting picture takers will get blurry pictures, or even one where there's a finger blocking most of the image. There's a ton of stuff to take pictures of, though, and if you find a catagory-subject it will let you know when you're looking through the viewfinder. I'm kind of wondering what's up, though, since I got the most expensive camera in Egypt and it doesn't have a zoom feature. Is there a special camera or something the sim learns as they progress in skill? I dunno.

This is my 2nd generation farmer sitting in his wine cellar sipping on some nectar. ^_^ Basements are so easy now. You just outline it like a foundation and it drops right down for you. You just have to remember the stairs. lol Down here he has several nectar racks full of both vintage and home-made blends, a nectar maker, a table at which he enjoys drinking nectar and a sink to clean up after. It's not his private sanctuary, anyone is welcome to come down and join him, but everyone else in the household is busy with other stuff. His father is trying to upgrade the new toilets to self-cleaning before he dies, his brother has school and chess tournaments, his wife is working hard to climb the law-enforcement ladder and their adopted daughter has school and photography. Busy busy busy sims.
I think there was more, but mommy dearest wants the internet. *pleh* Oh well. Back to Egypt. ^_^

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Absolutely Stuffed

Today was Thanksgiving for the Hoefner half of the Hoefner-Markham (or Markham-Hoefner) household. Tomorrow we feast with the Markham half. For the first year in a very long time both birds (turkey and duck) were fully thawed and everything finished on time. I had a small issue with the cornbread, but I'm getting better at it. No one knows how the pumpkin pie turned out yet. Still so full.

It's been nice having my dad home all this time. All things concidered. We've been feeding him well. Still actually waiting for Skankzilla to finally depart. *shakes head* I don't get it. Why would a person even want to stay somewhere they're clearly not wanted?

I'm going to try and get some simming in before Aaron kicks me off of the computer. I think he's more addicted to World Adventures than I am. lol I've been sticking mostly to France. Save something for later since the tombs and stuff don't reset. Which sucks. There has to be a way. Anyway, I'm working on creating the perfect garden. One of every plant (I'm only 2 away!) and then I'm going to work on getting them all up to perfect quality. I'm . . . about 1/2 way there on that one. Then I can leave that household and start up a family to travel somewhere else. But wait? What happens when a new ep comes out and there are more plants to be had? I'll just have to make another farmer. With any luck the Farmerson (so original) family will still be living there. If not I'll just make a new family.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Do You See? (A Poem)

If you saw me, would you see?
Could you know?
Would it show, that I've been thinking of you?

Thinking, dreaming;
nearly seeing;
things that were and are and might be somewhere.

Would you remember me at all?
I'd see all
Recognition: loving or loathing under your mask.

What of an apology?
I'm sorry.
Would you see that as well? It's not behind me.

If you saw me, would I see?
Would you please?
Let me see that you see me again beyond it all.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Going On An Adventure

We picked up the first Sims3 ep: World Adventures. I was hoping to have my free $10 walmart card first (I love free money) but when it comes in we'll just use that for food. There was a little bit of drama. First with getting it since walmart was understaffed and didn't get it out until about 1 when Aaron asked about it and made the guy go into the back and get it. ^_^ Then when we installed it because there was so much stuff that wasn't working!! Oh noes!! Turns out it was just a little incompatibility issue with the custom content. Took that out and now it works! Now I jsut have to figure out how to fix the cc so we can put it back in.

One of the issues that people were having was that after coming back from vacation their entire town was gone. So rather than put either of our neighborhoods at risk I started up a new game, made a generic John Doe sim and sent him to France. See, Aaron wanted first crack at Egypt and China. I fell in love with France. lol You can fish out frogs and they even have their own tombs to go through. The one I was sent to was under "ancient druid ruins" aka: stonehenge. I don't know if there were ever druids in France, but what the hell? The underground stuff is awesome. Hidden doors and traps and new foods and musics and all kinds of stuff. And Aaron said that making basements (multiple basements up to four floors down!) are so much easier now. I can't wait to take my farmer family to France to pick up some new grape seeds and a book on how to make frog legs. AH!!! Hehehehe. But first, still so much to do online.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

*Please Work*

I dunno if photobucket is going to let me keep this picture up, but hopefully it will. My dad came in. He's doing fine. Loved the chili. ^_^ Tomorrow we're having baked chicken, spinach and rice. Anyway, here's my dad's bruise:

That's a pretty big bruise. He said it doesn't hurt, though. That's good. I'm going to do some research on heart smart meals. Possibly a new set of blog threads for me. Fun for everyone! ^_^

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me....

The other day my dad said I could take out some money for my birthday. I did. I was going to wait for my birthday before deciding what to do. Aaron explained that he gave it to me so I could have a happy birthday and to not use it for that purpose would be like an insult. I agree. We did help ourselves out a little, though. Well, a little. The night before we heard the 'no work' order we were at Walmart and there in the front of the Halloween costumes was one we had been looking for since before Halloween. We'd given up all hope of finding it. Hehe. It's technically for him but it's really more for me.

Oh yeah. We'll be putting that to some good use. Today . . . well, yesterday we picked the real present to myself.

It's called FC3Plus. It plays NES, SNES and Genesis games. Nostalgia is yummy. We traded in a couple of ps2 games we'll never play again and that covered the games. You can see original Super Mario there in the system. We also got:

Original Sonic, Haunting: Starring Polterguy, Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Dream Master. Those last two are more for Aaron, but they look interesting and it's fun to share. I'm going to save my nickels so I can get Super Mario World. Looks like the Sims ep (among other things) is going to have to wait, but that's okay. Not like it's going anywhere.
For those of you who are interested but didn't catch the status thingy, my dad's coming in by bus. He'll be here in about 10 hours. Yay! And we already have our first heart healthy meal worked out. Turkey Chili. Yum. This is going to get really interesting really quickly.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Can't Turn My Back For One Minute....

It's not unusual to call my dad and get his voicemail. He's a busy guy. Picking stuff up, dropping stuff off, gassing up, sleeping. Any number of reasons to not get through but he's always very good about getting back to us ASAP. I mean, what else does he have to do in his downtime? What is unusual is almost 4 straight days of going straight to voicemail. Of course, even this can be explained if he forgets or breaks his charger. I mean, two weeks is kind of a long time. So we put off calling the central office as long as we could. Were gonna wait 'til Monday since he's supposed to be home this weekend and, well, it's not unusual for Schneider to screw up and delay his return. But as I lay myself down this morning I just had a feeling. Not "OMG something really bad has happened" feeling but a "It might be a good idea to check" feeling, so I told my mom to go ahead and call. I'm glad I did.

Tuesday or Wednesday (sometime in the middle of the night) he started having chest pains. Again, not something completely abnormal. Except this time they wouldn't go away. So he called 911 and they rushed him to the nearest hospital where he required 2 angioplasties. As of this moment he's still in the hospital. He's still got his sense of humor so he's definitely going to be okay. Complaining about the eggs and sharing funny stories. Like the nurse that came in yesterday and said "I'm here to give you your lecture about smoking . . . . cut it out." lol He should be discharged today. He doesn't know if they're going to let him drive or not so I may or may not be making a trip up to Tennessee tonight. Fun. lol I made sure to let him know that if that's the case I will come and get him, no problems on my end. It's only a 10 hour drive. I could do that easy. If I get my ass back to bed. My mom called and I was able to get his mom's phone number off the 'net ("Lotta cool stuff out there on that internet") so she's going to call her so she can talk to her baby. lol Should be all good on my end 'til he calls. So, I'm off!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Treat

Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean we can't still have treats, right? ^_^ Aaron and I got a good treat. We were gifted a gift card for our anniversary and it worked out well for us. Hehehehe. Went to Walmart and picked up a handful of movies. Thanks to the wonders of static cling (and an unobservant cashier) we got one of them for free! Muahahahaha! First we got the first season of Futurama from the Killeen 'Mart, then we went to check the one in Heights. We picked up the Ringu Anthology set, Toolbox Murders and Day of the Dead. Hehehe. Toolbox Murders was staticly stuck to Ringu. Free movie! Treat for us.
Treat for you! We went to Walmart again tonight and they had all their Halloween stuff on superish clearance. Adult costumes marked down to $4.25. Way better than the original $17 price tag. Here's mine:

I'm a brick house!! Hehehehe. I do have the hat but that's . . . well . . . super gay. Just awful. Here's the one Aaron nabbed:

Plastic surgery guy! I'm so glad. He wanted that one when they first put out the costumes but we weren't going to pay almost $20 for it. Tell ya what, though, this brick house gettup is really comfortable. The top, of course, is a little smallish but Aaron doesn't mind. lol

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween '09

Starting on the 30th. Late the 30th. Aaron's talking to his sister and we finally find out what Gavin wants to be for Halloween. Auron! From Final Fantasy X. Hrm. Seems a difficult proposition, but Aaron's sure he can pull something off. Okey-dokey. ^_^ So then on the 31st we make a trip out. Pick up a few essentials and some accessories. Head back to the house with enough time to eat and get dressed. Nate came buy and we threw together a costume for him. Then out we go! We stopped by Sandy's for meet-and-greet and a photo-op. Then out to dress up the kiddies! After throwing some good foods into our bellies we got to work. Maddy made an absolutely adorable vampire and Aaron worked wonders turning Gavin into Auron. He was so cute!

Trick-or-treating in Morgan's Point was great. It was chilly but not windy. I only lost my shoe once. There were a lot of dark houses, but a few of the candy houses were fun. At one house there was a guy in the shadows with a chain-free-chainsaw. One of the last houses was really done up with strobes and fog and figures and stuff. He says they're going even bigger next year. We walked away with a bucket of candy (I think I've eaten almost all of the tootsie rolls).

Just a little over 100 miles to go 'til I'm at Corpus Christie! I'm at 10 miles a day now. It's tough and takes a good half-hour, but hey! I didn't get all out of breath walking around the neighborhoods so it's gotta be doing something. ^_^

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sim Creepiness

You know those creepy garden gnomes they have on Sims? I don't remember if they do on 2, but on 3 they move. My evil Sim has been kind of hoarding them. She's in the criminal career track and every few days she'll bring one home (and a painting, but those usually get sold), name it and set it out on the lawn. Well . . . I'm assuming gnomes are too short to climb stairs and that's why this hasn't come up yet. Her most recent gnome was lovingly placed on the back porch of her house and the little bastard broke in! Not only did it brake in, it decided to listen to the radio!!

I wouldn't have even noticed anything truly amiss except she had just upgraded the stereo so the sound was wired through the whole house and woke up her husband with the noise. Not only does this gnome enjoy reclining and listening to the radio . . . it also likes to sit back and watch TV!!

I've contemplating putting a couple more on the porch, but the rest seem content enough to dance around the vegetable garden making odd poses at the plants. Okay, I'm off to go kill her husband now. Old bastard just didn't know well enough to die on his own so I'm taking drastic measures. Hehehehe. I love sims.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Okay. Some of you may remember my temporary addiction to that reality show "The Two Coreys". The biggest source of contention on that show was the friction between Haim and Feldman's wife. Feldman, of course, always siding with his wife (even though she's a stuck up skeez); and rather than seperating his married life and friendship he continued to try and get the two to hang out together which caused even more friction cuz "S/he's always around!" Duh. Aaron and I got a chuckle over the fact that, yeah, Feldman had a bit part in Lost Boys 2 (with the ever hilarious fake-gruff voice) and Haim ended up getting a better part in another movie . . . . I forget what it was, but Aaron saw it and he's asleep. Yeah, we're Haim people. And now Mrs. Feldman is filing for divorce. Ha-freakin-ha! That's why you don't treat friends who've been by your side for eons like shit just cuz your wife doesn't like 'em. If there's friction then keep 'em seperate! Whether you want to admit it spouses can come and go. If they go, who are you going to turn to if you've burned all your bridges and all of your "new" friends are really your spouses friends?

Yeah, maybe I'm a little unusual in that I believe it's important for guys to have "bro" time. Just as much as it's important for girls to have girl time. Just because you're married doesn't mean every second of every day has to be "couple time". That's a quick easy way to get sick of being with each other! I encourage Aaron to spend time with his friends just as much as he encourages me to spend time with my friends. Even though this collective group is also our friends. lol There's not a huge selection of cool people around here.

Woah. Has anybody else seen that PSA with Elmo about sneezing into your elbow?! *sheesh* How 'bout a PSA about carrying around a kleenex or handkerchief cuz if you're wearing short sleeves when you feel a sneeze coming on WTF are you gonna wipe your damn elbow on?!

Okay, now I'm just reaching for stuff to blog. lol I'll let ya go now. No you hang up! hehehehehe

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


How is it I'm once again sitting here at 3am with nothing to do and, after almost two weeks, nothing to blog? Is there really nothing going on in Lizzyland? Not . . . . much I guess. Still pedaling. Just passed through New Braunfels. I'm going to Sandy's tonight so she can re-bleach my hair. Uhm. Oh! I do have a few ideas for the second installment of "The Comic Adventures of Super Lizzy". I just need a title and a good starter. I haven't decided if I'm going to make it a continuance of the first one or just start off with a whole new story. Any preferences guys? You know I aim to please. ^_^

As I mentioned in the status thingy (does anybody read those minus me?) we've got everything together for our costumes. We kinda decided against decorating this year. Just as well concidering how much it's been raining. Next year we'll go bananas.

Okay. So Aaron's asleep and Elvis is outside for the moment. I think I'll try for a chair nap before bringing his crazy ass back inside. I can't quite sleep comfortably in this thing. I think that's what broke the other one. But I can nap. Yay! lol

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

14 Hours Gone

Oh man yesterday was such a long day. But it was all totally worth it. We drove all the way up to Arlington. We made it to the street just fine then had issue trying to find Shed's soon-to-be old apartment. Mapquest lied!! They said his street connected directly to the main street and it didn't. Barker helped us on the phone get into the area then we ran into Shed and he directed us directly. We hung out for a bit waiting for Barker to show up. She brought her friend Nelly! After a bit of hanging out Aaron and Shed went to the ALICE COOPER CONCERT IN DALLAS! and Barker, Nelly and I went on a tour of Arlington. I had to restrain myself from breaking into Six Flags. OMG they have an awesome mall! They have a store called Torrid. I could spend so much money there. There's also a carosel and an ice rink! Our mall sucks. lol We went to Wendy's then headed back to wait for the guys. We watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. ^_^ I think I'll be picking that up for our collection. By the time we were heading home it got so foggy I could hardly see. I'm using that as my excuse for how we ended up driving all the way out to I-35E to get back. Yeah. The fog. We both had a blast and made it back safely and Elvis was fine when we got back. *phew* Now I'm tired. Still. But, there's still work to be done. *pleh* Isn't there always?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sim Silliness

A picture may be worth 1000 words . . . but this one still needs an explanation so you can fully appreciate why it's titled "Akward".

This is gonna be good. ^_^ Remember my blue "Romeo" sim I was using to impregnant various women around town? Well, one of his illegitimate sons married the Sim on the left. She was my first ever red sim. They were living happily together, had a son even! A blue one. I was going to wait until the son was at least child age before trying again for a red Sim offspring. Well, one day Tommy gets an opportunity to fix a tv for a guy to make a few simoleons on the side. Being the good wife that she was, Summer tried to fix the tv herself. Apparently a handiness of 2 is far too low to be fixing a tv and she was electrocuted to death while Tommy was at work. Poor me! All that hard work I put into making a red cutie down the drain. I could have just loaded up the game and tried again, but what's the fun in that? I put Summer's urn into Tommy's inventory and went straight-away into making another red female for him to marry. Can't have a child raised by a babysitter can we? No way! Myna is the Sim on the right. So what happened? The day after I marry off Tommy and Myna, Tommy gets a call from the science lab about an experimental procedure to bring Sims back from the dead. Of course he took that opportunity! Summer was his first love and the mother of his child! So Tommy heads off to work after resurecting Summer and Myna is there to greet her. That is what you see here. They are getting along fine. I wonder if that will continue when I have Tommy impregnate both of them at the same time? Hehehe. If I'm super lucky I'll get a red baby and a ghost baby out of the deal. That would be wicked! And since that's a grand total of 6 Sims, I can still have them all living in the same house. Summer caring for the children at night (would you believe they get lonely while they sleep?!); Myna looking after them during the day; and Tommy busting ass at the Bistro to pay for it all. Huh. Under 400 words. Hrm . . . . .well, while I'm sitting here waiting for photobucket to actually load, we got more of the tree chopped off. Once it's safely on the ground I'll start up an album for those of you interested in seeing more pics of that. lol Also, my piercing is doing just fine. ^_^ Also . . . our stupid computer chair broke. . . . again! *gggrrrr*

Friday, October 9, 2009

Work Between The Rain

Firstly, we went and saw Zombieland!! It's so funny. We're definitely picking it up when it comes out on DVD. Secondly . . . a tree fell on my house. Yes, seriously. I was sitting here on the computer, minding my own business. There's wind and rain and suddenly a huge *whoosh~thump* and the whole house shakes. I think to myself "man, that was a huge gust of wind" but I go out to investigate anyway and there it is. Tree fell down.

Hrm. My sister and I start looking around for the saw and it's nowhere to be seen. While I'm sitting here wondering what we're going to I hear my mom out in the living room. I get some money out of her and head out to walmart, in the pouring rain, to pick up a cheap hand saw. The look on the cashier's face was priceless. lol When I got back the rain had let up so we (yes, my sister has actually been very helpful) start working on some of the bigger smallish branches . . . . like this:

There was a bigger one we got off, but I don't think it's in any of the pictures. Anyway, we got those big branches off and then it started raining again so we came in to dry off. Then at the next dry window we went out and started hacking at the trunk. OMFG Pain in the ass!! I set up the ladder so that if/when the top part fell it would hit the ladder (which was sunken into the mud) instead of the house. Well. After about two hours of sawing and wondering "what is holding you together!?!" it finally came apart and . . . nothing. The top half is still hanging onto the roof because it's raining again. We did manage to move it a bit. Here's the stump!

We managed to move teh rest of the tree enough so there's some fresh branches hanging from the roof area. Once it stops raining again we're going to try and get those off and hopefully unwedge the tree from the roof without having it go through the cable line.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I know right? I'm just racking up milestones left and right. ^_^ Yay me! lol

I've been kind of helping myself out. When I start I read a page of a random romance novel I grabbed from the top box (I don't even know what the title is. By the end of the page my legs start getting a little tired so then I just put down the book and add my arms. lol Hopefully next week we'll pick up some batterys so I can take the CD player out with me. That'd be nice. Tomorrow's going to be another early day. Gotta take the van in for a new tire. *pleh* Enjoy the pics. And keep yer eyes open for some pics Aaron should be uploading soon. I know some of 'em are just gonna be fantastic by the time he's done with 'em.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Passed Florence ^_^

So I made my goal of 5 miles today. I was estimating that would take me just into Florence, but I passed right through it. ^_^

Yay! That's about it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

All About Accessories

Any old jackass can throw on a costume, but it's the accessories that make it special. I'm close to finished with that little bit. First, since every butt-kicking anime chick needs a super huge weapon (and a smaller one for backup) here is what I've decided on:

More practically, I need something to hold my ID and keys and such. While we were at Target Aaron noticed a cute little purse shaped like a take-out box! Hehehe. I noticed a trick-or-treat bag with Hello Kitty's face on it. Being the impulsive one that he is, he grabbed both:

Awesome. I did make my 3.5 miles today. And guess what?

I'm at Brak's house! ^_^ Maybe just shy. lol I also caught back up on my cleaning. With all the pre-Halloween hustle and bustle I was set back for a moment, but I'm definitely back on track.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Come Join Me! (big picture alert!)

I finally started working out again. Guess what? Our stationary bike has a setting that shows how many miles you've peddeled. Peddled? No. Pedaled. Weird. Anyway, a while back I read one of S. King's short stories where a guy was using a stationary bike in the basement of his apartment complex and had it facing a stone wall and he painted a mural on the wall so it looked like he was biking through the country. He printed out a map and would mark his progress and daydream about stuff he was passing. There's more but I don't want to ruin it for anybody. Anyway, I thought, what a great idea! I can't very well paint a mural, but I can track my progress. My first destination? Corpus Christi. ^_^ It took me a while, but I found a website where I can actually place markers on a map and it will tell me the distance so I don't have to try and fudge it. Here is my first day's progress:
3 whole miles. About halfway to Brak's house! I'm aiming for 3.5 miles tomorrow. 4 the next day. And so on 'til I get to about 15 or 20 maybe? We'll see. lol I'm probably not going to blog this every day 'til I get there. If I do blog I'll add that little one at the end. Only after mass amounts of progress will I blog this huge bitch here:
BAM! lol There's a little key up in the corner. So this is my fake trip. 280 miles. Wow. I'll fake see you in fake Corpus Christi!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Halloween Hair Test

I had a really good idea for how to do my anime hair and I think I may have almost nailed it. Just a few things I think I need some help with. I am going to re-bleach and re-dye my hair before Halloween so it can be it's absolute bluest best. I'm going to have it mostly down with two pigtails popping out from the top. In the pictures I am using clips to accentuate the 'tails, but these will be replaced with big bows or ribbons. How cute?! ^_^ I just don't know what to do with my bangs. . . .

Off to the side?

Or straight down?

I kind of like the straight down. More animeish. Should I trim them? Maybe to just halfway down my eyes or just under my eyebrows? Hrm. Also, for my makeup I was thinking earlier I could use some rhinestone accents. ^_^ That'd be cute, right? Ideas? Anybody?

Can anybody else get the "tell us what you're _____" thing working? I keep getting errors. :-(

Friday, September 18, 2009

Got My Costume!

Yay! ^_^ So we went up to Spirit Store and I tried on both of the ones from my previous post. There is good news and bad news. The hippy top didn't fit. That really sucks, but saves us $20.

The Kimono one fit, but the sash/bow part isn't quite long enough, so I'm going to have to extend it just a bit. That's why it looks kinda ill-fitting in the picture. Aaron pinned it for me so I could take the pictures. I want to pick up some knee-high socks or stockings and perhaps a pair of wickery sandal-heels. I think that would look cute. The make-up didn't quite stand out as much as I wanted, but that's just the first trial. Also . . . hehehehe . . . since I'm doing an anime chick and not a geisha we peeked around a bit for a good weapon and found one at HEB. We've almost got all of the parts for Aaron's costume. And we found some possible dresses for his whore. He's also got a really fantastic idea to go with that, but I'm not gonna give anything away. ^_^ If we can pull it off (I might need your help, though, Sandy!) then it'll be totally worth the secrecy.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Can't Decide!

Halloween is coming right around the corner. Aaron's doing Jack the Ripper. Got his contacts ordered this morning. Yay! I was pretty set on "anime chick" . . . until we went to Spirit Store and started looking around. I did find a cute outfit for the anime chick that I really like:

How awesome is that? I also saw something else. A super cute hippy top:

I want that too! I might get both if I'm lucky. I would totally wear that top all the time. Although I could wear the geisha outfit too. Hehehehe. *winks* I just don't know. I think part of the problem is spending too much time in the mall with all of the expensive skinny-bitch clothes. I always feel like shit after that. Once we get a little money together I'm going to have to try on that hippy top to see if it even fits. If not then my decision is made for me anyway. I still really like the "anime chick" idea . . . I just don't know exactly where I would go with it. Turning into a lot harder of an idea than it first seemed. *pleh* Course we still don't know what we're going to do. And then there's next year to concider. Next year is our 10 year anniversary. Big milestone. *pleh* Maybe I'll feel better after I get some sleep.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Banana Boats

How about we talk about something other than cleaning for a moment here? Sound good? Good. Two things first, this isn't an eating adventure cuz I've had 'em before. ^_^ I'm just sharing them with you cuz they're good. Second, my chocolate chips melted so the pictures aren't going to look quite like they're supposed to, but you'll get the general idea. Good? Good.
Okay, so as far as I can tell bananas have 51 grams of carbs. Sorry Sandy. Maybe you could split one with someone? lol Anyway, first thing you want to do is get your tools together.

Then you carefully peel just one part of the banana. You want to break the seal in the back so you can open the peel on the inner curve of the banana. Like so:

See? Then you take your knife and slice a wedge out of the banana. Like how Subway used to cut their bread. This way it looks like a canoe. (get it?) Now it gets tricky. Less tricky with the melted chips, actually. You want to cradle the banana in the foil square, fill the canoe with the choco-chips (I used semi-sweet, Aaron likes milk chocolate, but you could use white or caramel or buttersotch or whatever) and reclose the peel flap:

Then wrap up the foil:

Then it's off to the fire! If you're cooking on a bonfire wait until the last of the sticks are smoldering and just throw 'em in. Same with the grill, actually. lol Cooking time depends on how much heat is leftover. I've never tried it in an oven, but I guess it's possible. You just miss out on the fire taste. Basically you want the chips melted and the banana to get soft, but not mushy.


To eat you just carefully open the foil, peel back the peel and dig in with a fork. If you did it right you should be able to get chunks out at a time without too much difficulty. Another alternative is to take an apple, cut off the stem part, core the apple, fill with redhots, replace the top, wrap in foil and cook the same way. So good.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Feels Good Being Clean

Yesterday was downright exhausting. Feels good to sit down after a nice bubbly shower. It's kind of an interesting story (isn't it usually when a person is awake for more than 24 hours? Makes you want to know why?) so let's start at the beginning. Some of you kno this part so feel free to zone out 'til the next paragraph.

Woke up Thursday afternoon like normal. Made dinner, ate dinner. Like normal. Went to leave to check the lot dumpster and pick up Friday's dinner. What's this? There is a note on the windshield. From the landlord. Wants all the leftover furniture and crap from the pod fiasco taken care of and he's determined to find where the water leak is and fix the siding on that side of the house. Okay . . . I told him twice already we don't have a leak. If he doesn't figure it out soon then he's going to want to come in here and that's more than potentially problematic. That would be downright disasterous. One thing at a time, though. Went out and grabbed some screws to take care of the siding, along with dinner and a few other necesities. Spent some time out at the lake to clear ourselves before the day ahead.

So, Friday morning rolls around. I call my dad and fill him in on the situation. He gives me a $ figure for bribe for anyone that can help us. That anyone turns out to be Nathan. I don't think we could have done it without him. At around 8am I drop Aaron off at Nates. A while later they come back with the truck. We start working on filling up the truck and the van. Truck goes to the dump, van waits at Nate's, truck meets van, fill truck, return van return truck and repeat. Four trips to the dump in all. Didn't completely finish 'til around 4pm. But it's done! And it gets better. Before "repeat" I was putting the last of the cardboard in the van and ran into our good neighbor. Figured it might be a good idea to find out what he knows. I was right. Turns out the landlord found out where the leak was. Blame lay with the other neighbors across from us. Had a toilet that wouldn't stop running. You know, quite possibly the easiest thing in the world to fix. I've done it twice myself. So everything got taken care of!

Once the dump trips were done Aaron and I swung by Spirit Store. Figured out why he didn't get so much as a call for that application. They hired out of Austin. Picked up a bottle of latex. Grabbed milk from walmart and finally worked our way back home. For good? For maybe. lol I started work on this blog and then Nate called needing our net and mom wanted to get on so I just scrapped it. Shortly after Aaron and Nate head off to hang out and Elvis and I get some sleep. Ah, but there is one very terrific part of the day that was passed over. At some point during the day (I forget exactly when) the guys swung by this new game/dvd exchange place. Like how Game Stop used to be. They have atari and nintendo. Everything! Aaron splurged a bit on some movies. ^_^ Re-picked up Audition so we don't have to stress about getting that back, Scanner Darkly which we were just talking about, and Aaron grabbed a dvd especially for me. Let me give you a hint:

Sailor Moon! Six episodes from the SuperS season, my favorite season! We're going to be going back regularly. Oh yes, we will. hehehehe. So, Aaron finally comes back, we get a little more sleep, wake up, head out for Saturday's dinner, and then come back and shower off Friday. Feels good being clean. Yesterday was a horrid, sweaty, productive and it's finally over. Even more good news, the stupid construction people left our driveway driveable! *faints* Can you believe it?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Here We Go Again

Still working. Still going. Almost done with today. After this I'm putting the 2nd load in the dryer. I think I'm actually finally running out of clothes to wash. yay! There's still a lot to be done, though. I'm also working my way outside the room here and there. Cleaned the area around my dad's chair and moved the endtable over there. Hehe We went to the lot last night to drop some trash bags in the dumpster and someone had left a grill out there. Like, bbq grill. So we swapped the garbage for the grill. I dunno if he's gotten to look at it in the harsh light of day yet, but it seems alright.

Tomorrow's going to be a super busy day. Y'all wish me luck I can get through it. Especially the part where I have to get out of the driveway and also especially the part where I have to get out to the landlord's new office. *pleh* That'll probably make the zcoil store seem like a cake walk.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Growing Ripples

Haha! Ripples, not nipples. Perv. I'm super psyched at how the room is coming along. I think I'm getting close to the end of the clothes. . . . depending on what's under and at the end of the bed. I'm kind of scared of that particular area. Mad props to Aaron who took his own initiative in picking up another tub and putting his figures into it to keep 'em safe. Also for fixing the air conditioner! Yay!! I was getting kind of worried that removing the stuff was just creating more space for the a/c to cool and overtaxing it . . . turned out it just needed a really good deep-down cleaning with a toothbrush. lol Now it's actually cool in here. Also probably helps that it's cooler outside at the moment, but there have been times where it's nice outside and still super hot in here. Not now, though. Now it's getting downright chilly. Hurray!

I think it's kind of interesting that as the layers of junk are being peeled away, not only are we finding stuff that's been long thought lost (like the cap to the flash drive), but people from the past are showing up unexpectedly as well. With any luck the clock is turning back, in a way, and things around here will return to normal soon. That would be nice.

Everyone wish Aaron good luck. He put in an application for the Spirit Store. *fingers crossed* We caught 'em early this year, and it's a fantastic opportunity.

It seems like a fair share of the people I talk to are having. . . interesting dreams, to say the least. Disturbing might be more accurate. If anybody else is experiencing this phenomenon and would like to share, please do. I'm curious as to how far this is spreading.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Killer Dream?

Even as I sit here, five minutes removed from waking, the details are getting a little fuzzy, but I'll be damned. I've had psychotic dreams before but this one . . . heh. Staring at the computer screen it seems a bit silly almost but I was only asleep for 3 hours so I want to try and get this out before I lay back down.

We lived here. Only the surrounding area was like it was when there were trees. It was a little different, but I'll get to that. My dad was here, but Clint was also here. I don't know if he was living here or just staying or what, but him, Aaron and I were goofing around in the middle of the night. . . . we were looking for something, picking something up . . . before the last exiting turn of the driveway (where the old dead tree in my "other" pics used to be) if you kept going straight there was, in the dream, almost a path and there was something there we were going to take care of before going to bed or whatever. Aaron was off to the left (towards the mailbox) and Clint was dead ahead as I was coming down the driveway. He called to me, said there was something I had to see. So I come up to him and whatever we were gathering was laying about but that's not what was important. There was kind of a drop-off (which there isn't, there's a junk yard in that direction) and if we were really quiet we could hear almost a girl-child's sing-song voice. The more I listened the clearer it became. I caught "Lana's _something_ _something_" with that many syllables (I'm convinced it was "gonna get you") and down at the bottom of the drop-off we could see a floating white light-ball dancing back and forth like a child at play. At this point we hauled ass back to the house, all three of us, giggling like crazy. We almost run into a car or something coming down the driveway, but it was coming from the direction where there used to be only trees. Hrm. My dad was in the living room sitting on the floor watching tv. I leaned over this bar stool to tell him what happened and he cut me off saying "It doesn't matter, your mother put us on the list and we're moving to Clear Creek". Huh? I don't think I ever got the whole story out. I decide it's no big deal and lay down to go to bed. I start hearing this . . . noise in my ears. It started as almost a buzz-hum then it sounded almost like someone pounding the venetian blinds against the window. I try to ignore it and fall back asleep (at this point I'm not sure I realized I was still dreaming) and it loudens to almost deafening and sounds like someone striking a stack of shelves with a branch or something. All of a sudden there is a flash of a little girl's face in front of my eyes, only slightly warped and the huge mouth is filled with razor sharp teeth. I feel my heart start up! and feel like maybe I almost didn't wake up.

I decide "Fine, I'll get up, let Elvis out and then blog this dream out and go back to bed." So I pick up Elvis and he's fine . . . until I open the front door. It's still dark out and when I go to put him down he starts freaking out! So I shut the door and bring him back into the room. I still intend to blog but there's no way I'm doing it in the dark! I turn on the light but it won't turn on. The computer is still on but the brand new lighbulb is burnt out. Odd, but whatever. I won't be rattled. I'll just get the old bulb from the kitchen. No sweat. I try to turn on lights as I go and none of them are coming on. Whatever, I just need one. There's no way it's the fuse cuz other stuff is on, just the lights won't come on. I keep physically trying to yell at the ghost-girl to go away and she is not welcome here. I can sense her flitting around the outside of the house trying to get in. I can feel my voice-box moving in my throat, but no sound comes out. Pure nightmare fashion. I grab the bulb from on top of the fridge and just for good measure check the bathroom light on my way back. Sure enough, won't come on. Yet I hold onto my old-new lightbulb like some sort of talisman, secure in the fact that it will work. I open up my door wondering which overhead socket to put it in and when I walk in somehow Elvis has gotten himself wedged between the computer and the tv! Upside-down! That's it, he's definitely going outside whether he wants to or not.

The scene that greets me when I open the front door is nothing short of insanity. The door bumps someone standing on the ramp, I see my mom in the yard with a flashlight on, Jet's off by the fence, someone yells "Gracie!" (my neighbor's dog) and Kujo (Sandy's dog) leaps up out of nowhere to nose my face.

I guess that was enough because I finally woke up for real. Through those last two paragraphs I was vaguely aware of myself trying to wake up but my eyes would not stay open. Only 3 hours sleep, remember? Anyway, I feel better having got that out and am sufficiently sure that I'm awake enough to where I won't go back to it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shithole: Part 4b?

It's not exactly part of my cleaning agenda but is an organic part of the process I suppose. Cleaning is now opening up to organizing. We picked up a tub to contain all of our ps2 games. It's 36-37 . . . gallons or quarts. lol It's maybe 1/2 the size of the "standard" ones you can find in any color anywhere. And . . . well . . . it's about full. They did all fit and I'm glad for that. We're also keeping the old still-works-but-only-plays-certain-games ps2 in there . . . just in case something bad happens to the new one. Just sucks that for all the replacement ps2s we've picked up we could've gotten a ps3 by now! AH!

Anyway, I passed on laundry last night. I woke up early to drive my dad to the lot (and we took 3 bags of trash up to their dumpster hehehehe) and was just too tired. Does this mean I'm going to double up and do 4 loads tonight? No. Oh, sure, it would help, but then I wouldn't want to do any laundry tomorrow. If I get started at 8:30pm, though, then I shouldn't be up all night waiting for the stupid dryer.

I hope they put that Final Fantasy Dissidia on ps2 . . . . that would be nice. And since it's still not working, we just watching 'Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story'

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sim Video!

Thanks Sandy! Popped over last night to help her assemble a bed (we kicked that bed's ass!) and she kindly let me use her internet to upload my video. Yay! It's in my myspace videos in case it won't load here, but hopefully it will. *fingers crossed* Enjoy your peak into Sims 3:

sim workout

Friday, August 21, 2009

Part 4: The Cleaning Continues

Did I mention the huge mess? Anyway, part 4 has come to me and since I don't have much else to share (unless you want to see more Hello Kitty pictures? Anybody?) here goes. Clothes. There are two big, obvious piles of clothes, plus what is layed out in a thin layer on the floor. Plus whatever's hidden, but I'll get to that when I get to it. A couple of days ago my 1 bag of trash started consisting mainly of chair parts. That big poofy chair? Did I mention that, or just in e-mails? Anyway, the top cushion and one arm are out of here. I'll need to find the handsaw for hardcore dismantling, but in the meantime cushion removal is a good start. But that's trash, not clothes. I'm doing 2 loads a day ( . . . . night). No more. So far this has ended up in a good mix of clothes to wear and clothes to bag up and take into the shed. Yay! I'm starting with the pile behind the door and doing so revealed another cushion . . . possibly an old pillow, so that helped fill the trash bag. So, hurray for clean clothes and the secrets they reveal!

Also, I got a "new" phone today. Yay! No more randomly shutting off mid-text. No more breaking my thumb to push 1/2 the buttons. Yay! Those of you who have my #, it's the same. lol

Well . . . . time to start the 2nd load in the washer and see if I have to re-start the dryer. ^_^ And since it's not working again, for those of you who are interested, we watched 'The Full Monty' last night.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh Yes, I Am

Hehe. I mentioned twice that HEB had a Hello Kitty coloring book for $1 so yesterday while we were there Aaron went and grabbed that and a 20 cent pack of crayons for me. Yay! lol Last night I colored in three whole pictures. Oooh, wanna see? Lemme see if I can get a good picture with the camera . . . . . Oooh yeah, here we go:

That's the first one I did. I also colored in one where she's writing a (Japanese, of course) caligraphy note to her pen pal and a Carmen Miranda looking one. Guess what else! The back cover is a cut-out Hello Kitty paper doll! Sweet. I know. You're totally jealous. ^_^ Only $1 at HEB. lol

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh thank you SO much!!

As if the days weren't miserable enough with bitch-jinx trolling around the house. As if 100 degrees wasn't hot enough. As if there weren't enough day-to-day frustrations with the stupid construction people working from 7am-6pm. As if. Now we are forbidden to go down our own driveway. Remember the back way we had to go when they screwed up the drain pipe? We're having to go that way for the next two days . . . at least. Luckily my dad got the message to use before we got back to the house. Luckily nutty got the message to him before we got back to the house. Luckily the landlord got the message to nutty before we got back to the house!! *ugh* As if I didn't have a hard enough time getting out of the driveway in the first place, it took us almost 1/2 an hour to re-find the back road to get back in. They have curbs back there now. Which makes me wonder even more if our address is going to change? Are we still going to take our trash clear out to the main road? I wonder if those neighbors in that first house can get out at all? Hell, I wonder how we're supposed to get the trash to the curb tomorrow night! WTF are we supposed to do and why the hell did those bastards end up busting through four whole water pipes today?! Isn't that the sort of thing you're supposed to check out before you go digging around in the dirt? *feh*

On top of all that I video captured a super hilarious video from sims 3 I want so badly to share with all of you . . . . but it's 2.5MB and I can't get it to upload! *cries* Sandy? Honey? Oh super friend of mine? Hehehehehe. I need help.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dear Friends

Sometimes, for no logical reason at all, I feel lonely. Not a lonliness of isolation, but one of distance. As if every one you care about is standing in a circle around you with their faces outward. Heh. I know this isn't quite the case, but that's the best way to explain it. Lonliness is not a feeling I, as a scorpio especially, am accustomed to. Being alone can be quite satisfying (and I am terrific company to myself), but lonely? Bah.

Perhaps it is something to do with last night's dream. It took place in a school which seemed like a college/high school hybrid. It was one building like a high school, but the classrooms were huge with theatre style seating. Sandy was there, Jarly was there. John was there. Not the John some of you know, John from Germany. Our friendship was often strained by our parents who were also friends but were somehow convinced we would one day marry. Anyway, I think I spent more time in the dream with him than anybody else. I know we were younger because we were about the same height. He was dressed sort of punk-gothy . . . a style I've never seen him in and can barely imagine now that I'm awake. We talked, we laughed, we snuck into a class we had no business in. Then he was gone. There was someone else in the dream . . . he worked in the cafeteria and I'm surprised I don't remember because it was someone who had no business working in the cafeteria. Whoever he was he hooked me up with a pink-frosting cupcake. I don't remember if I've ever eaten in a dream before . . . . maybe I have. If I go to bed kind of hungry. *shrugs*

Heh, maybe between my cleaning out this craphole and my mom going through the POD boxes it's symbolically lifting away layers. Maybe it's just one of those things. Like when you start laughing even though nothing is particularly funny. Maybe it's just that some things never change . . . . . heh. Anyway. I'm gonna go finish up neopets so I can be done with the net before my dad comes home. Y'all take care. *hugs*

Heh. Would ya look at that. Some scientists are finally conceding that, gee, perhaps maybe life could exist in places we thought previously unlivable by adapting to those particular circumstances. Uh . . . duh? Just because we on Earth need water and oxygen doesn't mean those things are universally constant as necessary. Stupid scientists.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Freak Gene

Yes, more sims. I made my green chick a while back and she philandered with one of her co-workers to get pregnant. The only physical trait her son shares with her is her crazy blue eyes. Somehow he didn't end up getting any of her good looks. As a refresher, here is the woman:

Looking bored, but still pretty. Here is her teenage son:

That's actually a decent angle for him because his eyes normally kind of roll up into his head. He was freaking me out trying to get these shots because I'd pause the game and everything would stop, but his head would keep moving for a few more seconds. *shudders* Creepy.
My blue guy had a son that looks just like him. I was waiting outside the school for this creepy bastard to come out and got confused because they're practically carbon copies (blue father and blue son). At least one of the other blue children looks just like her mother. She's the girlfriend of this redheaded stepchild. lol Hrm. For those of you that are confused, no it's not incest. Different family lines.

In other news, we took the crane prize net out. Part of the cleaning expedition. Oh! I signed up for a daily newsletter that one of OWR's former mods used to share every now and then and here's yesterday's:

""The best teachers have shown me that things have to be done bit by bit. Nothing that means anything happens quickly - we only think it does."
--Joseph Bruchac, ABENAKI"

Nothing is coincidental. I hope to start work on dismantling the big poofy chair today as well. We can't get it out of here in one piece. I'm still not sure how we got it in here in one piece. Well . . . I kinda do, but it's not going out the same way it came in that's for sure.
We tried helping my dad work on the Cougar last night. That was highly unfruitful. We just could not get that stupid fan belt back in place. I think he's going to leave it for the Midas folks when they do the alternator. At least once those two pain in the ass things are taken care of it'll free him up to work on less frustrating parts. ^_^

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Friends With Benefits

Haha. Totally made ya look. Just because I'm super bored with nothing else to talk about, I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine. Mr. Tweezers. Normally I'm a pretty regular plucker (for good reason) but I lost the good tweezers a while back and haven't yet located them. I picked up another pair and went to town. Wanna see something scary and also kind of hilarious? You do?! Fantastic!

OMFG! *cackles* Just awful. I did end up getting the left to match the right. That's the hardest part, I think, is getting them to match. Otherwise you just look silly, right? I need a stencil or something.

The cleaning is coming along nicely. Today Aaron and I are going to tackle "Dog Food Can Mountain". It's almost like a landmark. A big tacky smelly landmark that I can hardly wait to see disappear. But wait I must because that would surely wake him up and that would kind of defeat one of the main purposes of going slow in the first place. Don't anger the natives!! After that's gone I should be able to get some of these movies back in the stack without breaking my neck in the process. *fingers crossed*

Also picked up a tub of that Shocking Blue manic panic last night. Didn't end up doing my hair yet. I was sleepy. Probably do that tonight.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Perseids a'comin'

So last night was supposed to be the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. Aaron, Sandy and I went out to the lake to get a better view of them. I'm glad we did cuz we only saw about 10 (a couple really good ones, though) and I think we would've missed out completely if we stayed in Killeen. There were clouds and the moon was bright, so that probably had a lot to do with it.
Sandy and I took our bathing suits so we could do a little night swimming. Eventually we also got Aaron into the lake for a bit. ^_^

That's Sandy and I helping each other into the lake. It was very rocky and very slippery. I think everybody slipped at least once. It was nice floating around in nasty fish water again. lol It's been so long. We spent a lot of time just laying on the blankets looking up at the sky and waiting. It really wasn't as spectacular as they had said it would be. We had fun anyway.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hair Obsession

Okay, so I've been spectacularly bored these past couple of days. Yes, even with the cleaning. The dishwasher takes a while. :-p I'm almost all caught up on the dishes though! Yay!! ^_^ Anyway, the other day I tried making a picture of my different hairs that morphed from one into the other. I think if i had more where I was facing at least mostly forward that would have worked out better. It was just freaky watching my nose leap from one side of the picture to the other. Really wasn't sexy. I endd up doing it with the regular transition and it came out okay (minus one of the pictures only stayed 1/2 as long as the rest so it still ended up funny lookin') but it was 3MB!! Which I know isn't a problem for you hi-speeders. Piss off. lol So yesterday I ended up spending hours at at first figuring out which of their colors I needed to refresh my blue (since I don't need bleach yet so I'm not gonna pay for bleach, also the consistency when I redid Sandy's hair was alot better than the Splat) and ended up going through all the pictures of all the people who sent in their cool hair pictures. So, anyway, I made two collages yesterday. The first one I made with my own hair pictures:

The second one is my favorites from the manicpanic site:

Yeah, I had to include papa smurf there. lol Welcome to my boredom.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tides of Change

The mark of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Also, a person must cultivate the types of energy they want manifested around them. Through a combination of actions and perceptions we create our own realities. A penny saved is a penny earned. . . . . wait, that last one doesn't fit, but good advice anyway. ^_^

So where does a person start to create positive change? I mean, you could wait around waiting for good things to happen, but that usually results in the Fates giving you a swift kick in your ass forcing you to make tough decisions. Best to be pro-active. Very few people can keep up with radical steps for long-term change. Sometimes it does work out, but old habits die hard. In some cases very hard. We are, after all, creatures of habit. So we start start slow.

I guess in my case slow is relative. Changing my hair was a sort of catalyst. Instant can't-miss results showing that "things are different". A constant reminder of the journey. Which brings me to part 2, I suppose. The journey. I mentioned re-reading Duma Key. As far as creating change it seems pretty insignificant I suppose. But here's the thing, the only time I've ever tried to re-read fiction is when I forget what the book's about. By page 20 I remember everything and stop the 2nd read-through. In the case of Duma Key, I remember the book. Not every cover-to-cover detail, but close. I enjoyed the story, sure, but it's certainly not in my Top 5 King Favorites. I think it's more symbolic. A big theme within the book is change. And since I already know what happens I don't have to rush through it to find out. I can take my time and enjoy the journey. Yeah. Definitely symbolic.

Part 3 is more productive long-term. Our room . . . . is a mess. A horrid mess. Possibly years of piled up garbage and crap and who-knows what else? This has to change. If it were just me, myself and I, I could have it cleaned up in 4 hours no sweat. But it's not. There is a pile that supports Elvis' food dish so he can reach it. There is stuff in here that doesn't belong to me, personally. Things, like our movies, are staying and need to be accounted for. I used to have a fun little system I'd use to clean my room. I'd take a blank piece of paper and my handful of multi-colored pens. I'd draw my room and all the furniture, then make a grid on the floor of the picture. I'd survey the room, seeing where the most crap is and deciding what needs to be gotten to for most effective cleaning; then I'd number the grid and furniture on the picture. I'd move around the room moving from square 1 (in front of the door) all the way up to the last (usually about 30 in all) and Xing off the picture as I went along. It was fun. I haven't gotten it to quite work lately. What I'm doing instead (so as not to anger the natives) is limiting myself to taking out 1 big bag of trash a day. I mean, that has to be more than we bring in, even on a big spend day. So progress will be made. Dishes will be taken out as I come across them and if things need to be taken to the shed then that will also be done as I come to it.

Elements of change. Haven't even thought of Part 4 yet, what it could possibly be. I'll know it when it comes up, though.

Friday, August 7, 2009

It's a Small World

And the gods enjoy fucking with me, I think. How weird is it that I run into someone that knows David? (Not the cool one, the other one) Apparently he's been talking about me. A lot. That's . . . both disturbing and sad. I'm sure none of it's good, and that's a shame. See, the truly awe inspiring strangeness is that not too long ago I was thinking about him. Thinking, it really wasn't all bad, so maybe I should cut him some slack. Even entertained the idea of blogging about the good times we did have. Heh. Here's the thing. I was good to him. Damn good. Until he started getting on my case about cheating on him. Which I wasn't at the time. If he would have just taken my word for it and freakin' trusted me then we could have moved on. But he was too insecure for that. I put up with it for a bit (cuz I'm a tenderheart) but after about the 20th grand inquisition I'd had enough. I did start cheating on him. With his friends, my friends, out in public, with him in the house. We broke up 3 or 4 times and I kept taking him back. Which is why we must all thank Sandy cuz if she hadn't pushed so hard for Aaron and I to get together then the cycle may have continued. Maybe not cuz by then I was pretty fed up, but it's scary to think about. I tell ya, it's not so weird to be asked "How long have you lived in Killeen", even when it seems like the person might recognize you. But when he said "Do you happen to know a guy named David ____?" I seriously think my heart stopped. Like, damn, we were getting along so well and now he's going to hate me; but as in the past that was not the case. I'm glad for that. Not because I don't want him to have friends or even someone in his corner, but it really would have put a damper on the night. lol And this guy's cool, so . . . . yeah. For those of you who do (did) know him, heh, it would seem he hasn't changed. Which is sad in a way, but I guess kinda good. Right? Hypothetically? Hrm. Heh, back when I was feeling . . . . generous, I guess, I had to ask myself 'Do I hate him?' I know I did, quite fiercely. I don't think I have for a while, though. 'Do I feel bad?' Kinda. Yeah. It would have been best for everyone if we had just stayed broken up the first time, really. I should have (and probably did) known that but . . . *shrugs* . . . I try to see the best in people? Or, maybe, after a while there was a part of me that got off on hurting him? I think, yes, for a little while. Mostly I just wanted him to man up. Either break up with me or give me a reason not to cheat. Cuz he knew! I know he knew. Everyone knew. And I'm pretty sure he cheated on me, and I'm pretty sure I know who with. Heh. At least, I know who he seriously wanted to. Would I have broken up with him over it if I had proof? Would I have just held it over his head? I honestly don't know. In either case, I'll be honest enough to say that, yes, at times I was cruel but . . . . what can I say? Stupid high school bullshit. If he hates me over something he started then that's his right. I just really hope that whatever shit he's saying behind my back is true. I could live with that. But at least I'm man enough to admit that there were good times, too. So there you have it, for whatever it's worth.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Sims 3

Are you tired of hearing about it yet? Hehehe. Tough! Okay, I tried to say yesterday (and ended up getting kicked off the computer) that I finally uploaded some pictures of my blue skinned Romeo, along with a picture of my new chick. Flora. She's green skinned with purple hair and ice-blue eyes. I figured out how to de-mongoloid the heads in CAS so she's much prettier than my first chick. She is an interesting Sim. She's a vegetarian, handy, green thumb, loner . . . and something else. I put her house out in the middle of nowhere so she gets the "isolation" moodlet which helps. She wants to be a creature-robot cross-breader so she's in the science career. She freaks out every day at work cuz of all the people around her. lol But she pushes through and hasn't had a nervous breakdown yet . . . I don't know if that's a feature, but it could be. Every day at work she "Assists boss with research" and so far her boss is her only friend. Cuz she's a loner and she likes it that way.
One really cool feature I think I've mentioned in passing is the bookshelves. She does a lot of reading (she's not a technophobe, but she avoids TV and radio cuz the news is depressing) to keep her happiness up and it comes up a lot at work. Ya know, read this book to help with your job skills and it doesn't really, but the title of the book is relevant and it increases your relationship with your boss so it kinda does. So now she has two bookcases.

I mentioned that the books are actually in the cases and here it is. She has one bookcase for job and skill building books and one case for her fiction novels that she's read. I love that! Also note that it's the same book shelf but that one is more full looking than the other, because it is! Okay, so she's a vegetarian, right? She buys the same hot dogs and burger patties as everyone else, but when she prepares them they're tofu dogs and veggie burgers. ^_^ Sweet. Also in CAS when picking her favorite food they only had vegetarian options available to pick. Much better than pretending and making a conscious decision to feed your sim only veggie options.
Which brings me to the update we just downloaded. I've told a couple of you, but now here it is for the rest of y'all: They're working on the first expansion pack! It's called "World Adventure" and your sim will be able to travel to China, Egypt and France. I don't know how it's going to work with the no loading time and the way the neighborhoods are set up, though. I guess I'm still stuck in Sims 2 mindset. We will see. Sims will be able to explore the pyramids and learn martial arts. Other than that I don't know. I checked the site and it was the same information as in the update. Also, I kinda wish they had done like they did for Bon Voyage and make up places (names at least) instead of using real world places, but whatever. Maybe they'll rename 'em before release. Which does not yet have a date. Could be months, could be weeks. Which means, Sandy, if it works like 2 then you can use our Sims 3 when we get the EP. I still need to go over there and get my discs back. :-p And, ya know, fix your hair.
Just a quick little tidbit about the pictures I uploaded, since I don't know if the whole captions show up or not. The oldest one is of my mom and her parents when she was . . . maybe 2? I just love the authenticity in that one. Then there's one of my mom, her freshman class photo. She was picked on a lot in HS for being "ugly" and I really don't understand why. Maybe I'm biased? I mean, I don't really look like her so it's not self-defence or anything. *shrugs* There's the government housing we lived in in Colorado with, I assume, the Rocky Mountains behind. I was only 2ish at the time so I coudn't really appreciate the view. One of me that's kind of blurry, but it's also in Colorado at the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun . . . whatever that is. Oh! Here we are:

Cool. I have some more pictures of that if anyone really cares. Then there's one of me on my grandparents porch in New Jersey (remember that Sim house I laboured over?) from my NJ kindergarten days. Apparently my grandma hung on to a lot of pictures. Which is good. There's a bunch of family and my mom's the only person who knows who they are any more so I told her she needs to write on the back of 'em before she forgets cuz 90% of 'em I really have no clue. That way they don't get lost completely. Anyway, there's one picture I want to upload from Colorado but I'm kinda totally naked in it. I was always naked back then and my hippy-ass parents let me be. lmao Anyway, the funny thing about that picture is that I'm 100% naturally blonde! EEEEP! Maybe I'll upload it anyway, or crop my head or something. Oh, there we go. I drew a nice little sundress on myself. XD Aren't I spiffy?